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Pictures: Misstechy Meets The Team Behind HouseHold Max, Nigeria's HouseHold-Focused Online Retailer.

So Misstechy was opportune to meet the brains behind Household Max, for those who don’t know, HouseHold Max is Nigeria’s  first online store for household items. Their product categories range from kitchen appliances, home products and everyday staples like Tomatoes and pepper, I kid you not, you can visit their website, to see for yourself
Householdmax team
The fact that Household Max is founded by a woman – Mrs. Aisha Tinubu, is one major reason they are in MissTechy’s focal. However, before we meet the #WomanInTech, I would like you to meet the team behind HouseHold Max … So have fun looking through the pictures. 
Meet Mr. Adekunle, He is the General Manager of HouseHold Max, asides overseeing the day to day activities of Household Max, he is also responsible for conveying a consistent brand image that attracts customers to Household Max.
Householdmax team
Householdmax team
Miss Eziafa is the Head of marketing. She is responsible for ensuring things go smoothly in the marketing arm of the business.
Householdmax team
Mr. Kingsley is the Creative lead. ( Come to think of it, I don’t think an e-commerce platform can survive without a designer).
Mr. Afan is in charge of Vendor management
Miss Dewunmi is Head of Social.
Other team members  in pictures:
My Bluetooth
I know you are wondering why Mrs. Aisha Tinubu is not listed, it’s because I am saving the best for the last. Misstechy would be having a special interview with the renowned Woman In Tech, ensure you stay glued.


12 comments on “Pictures: Misstechy Meets The Team Behind HouseHold Max, Nigeria's HouseHold-Focused Online Retailer.

  1. Awesomecaye says:

    Keep expanding your connects gal. All the best

  2. Titi says:

    Hmm first time I am. Gearing of household Max and their services.. This is good for us the ladies.. No more hustling in Oshodi market

    1. Adekunle says:

      @Titi, Thank you for the comment! I am glad you saw the need in the birth of, like you said no more hustling at Oshodi Market, you can also add Mile 2, Balogun et al to the list!
      We are have personal touch to what we do, visit our site and hit us up with an order!

  3. chukwudi says:

    Hmmn nice innovation but I don’t think they are the first retailer to start selling house hold items though..

  4. Kay says:

    Really really nice! For dudes like me, awesome! No more pricing fish in the market! :mrgreen:
    Eziafa’s desk looks pretty “organized” BTW 😛

  5. kaybang says:


  6. kaybang says:

    that pic is for @titi

  7. optimusPRIME says:

    wow!!! a big well done to household max,,,,its a really fresh idea,,,dat can change d way tings are done in d household,,,making it easier to purchase household goods..

  8. vjsmiles says:

    work hard and reach the standard that Jumia and konga has set in Nigeria concerning online shopping 🙂

  9. DY says:

    Cheers Jareh Miss Eziafia!

  10. Eziafa says:

    Lol creative people tend to be quite “organised”, Kay! Science says so, I am happily excused! :p
    Especially when you have two million things to do and remember! Hint: different coloured post-it notes!
    Lol Cheers to you, DY. Your post made me smile. 😀

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