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Pictures: All The Glitz And Glamour From The Android One Launch In Nigeria

Not Everytime Tech, Sometimes Food and more food!
On the 18th of August, Google launched the Android one officially in Nigeria. The event, which took place at the Landmark Centre, Lekki Peninsula, had Google’s trademark written all over it. In case you missed it, here are some pictures you can feast on. As requested, I wouldn’t be doing much tech talk here but after this, it’s back to business. 
…But first, let’s start with FOOD!!

android one launch event 3

Android one launch: Google Popcorn


android one launch: confectioneries

I wish I could go on posting pictures of the food but since I know this would make you smile, I am putting it up – Our favorite Android Mascot in traditional attires.
android one launch event 4
android one launch event
android one
Yeah I had to take a picture, that is me in the peach shirt X_X
android one launch event 5
Oh my days, the scenery outside and inside was beautiful!
android one launch event 6
..Since Google is a fun company there was something to goof around.
android one launch event 8
I know I promised no tech, but I couldn’t resist, sorry. Here is a view of the Infinix Hot 2 (First Impression coming shortly)
That is all I can take, you can follow my Instagram handle @MissTechy for more pictures.


12 comments on “Pictures: All The Glitz And Glamour From The Android One Launch In Nigeria

    1. Titi says:

      What is wrong with you Kay bang

      1. kaybang says:

        who wouldn’t want to be there??

  1. optimusPRIME says:

    lolll..abi???? @kaybang….pretty colourful event

    1. kaybang says:

      and it’s not as if i didn’t ask o. I asked if i could tag along. But yet……..
      Mtcheww. I mean, for e.g just see the kind chao wey go down. Google chao!! Where else do u get that??? Where??!!???!
      To all those who like everything for themselves sha…..

  2. vjsmiles says:

    *thinks about that Google popcorn and swallows hard*

  3. vjsmiles says:

    chaii***chaiii chaiii…
    kaybang you got me roftl 😀

    1. kaybang says:

      guess i should apologise for that eh? 😀 lol

  4. DY says:

    Salivating that I could cry

  5. DY says:

    Christ is watching indeed!

  6. DY says:

    BTW, eye-pleasing decoration up there..

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