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Jesus Turned Water To wine, Bill Gates Is Turning Faeces to Drinkable Water

My role model, Bill Gates (I had to say that ) has started rolling out a technology that can convert faeces to drinkable water. Before you go all Eeeww, read on.

For those who are unfamiliar with how the technology works, it is very basic, it takes human waste and recycles it into clean  water. The motive behind this technology is to help get clean and drinkable water to countries where they can’t afford to get such in Africa. Currently,  the first rollout has begun in Dakar, Senegal.

Omni processor which is the name of the technology will help people find a way to dispose of human waste at the same time create an avenue where they can get some value from it. However, Bill Gates notes that “The machine has to be tested — and unlike a computer program, sanitation machines can’t be tested from a desk in Seattle. The real world introduces lots of variables. For example, you have to find the right personnel to run the machine. You have to work with local and national governments and gauge the public’s reaction.”

Bill Gates technology that turns faeces to drinkable Water is live

Bill Gates technology that turns faeces to drinkable Water is live

I must admit that even though most of you might think the process is “eewish,” I think it is a great initiative. #Respect
QUESTION OF THE DAY : Would you be willing to drink the water?


23 comments on “Jesus Turned Water To wine, Bill Gates Is Turning Faeces to Drinkable Water

  1. kaybang says:

    Omni processor huh? Does it come preloaded with Windows 10?

    1. SweetSusie says:

      buhahahah you don’t like windows xp?

  2. Awesomecaye says:

    This is a welcome development from a man who happens to have charity as one of his interests; it’s commendable that he is passionate about providing water to countries where it is in limited quantity. Now to your question Tobi, if I was in a drought-infested country, then the last thing I would do is mind #nochoice

  3. Ricardo says:

    OMG I am so in love with your blog… Love love ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  4. Samm says:

    Definitely not!
    Who’s gon’ be taking the first ‘gulp’??

    1. Awesomecaye says:

      Well thankfully, Naija’s blessed with lots of water; got nothing to worry about.

    2. KENSHI says:

      talofeku – Who wan die? LOL

      1. Kay says:

        Lol… This reminds me of the “Abobaku” trend on Twitter days back! 😆

    3. Kay says:

      Gates himself drank the water. 😮

  5. KENSHI says:

    This Bill Gates guy shaaaa… It’s indeed true that awesomeness comes only from the heart that is full of love and compassion. The Omni Processor.

  6. DY says:

    I really do not care about the sanitation processes the stuff would go through, bold capitalized NO…. Can’t he just think of other ways or other stuffs to derive a clean water from? why faeces?

    1. Kay says:

      When you are given water to drink, do you ask where the water was gotten from?
      If you “luckily” get to drink this recycled water, how would you know it was recycled from faeces? 😐

    2. Awesomecaye says:

      I bet you wouldn’t mind if you were in a country where water is needed

  7. Awesomecaye says:

    Couldn’t agree more Kay

  8. Anonymous says:

    Water na water as long as it is clean enough for safe consumption. The pure water and even the so called bottle water, do we know what they were made from? Biko, give me one chilled “shit” water to cool my thirst jare. ?

    1. KENSHI says:

      BUAHAHA! Afi “shit” water. LOL. It is allowed jareee. All na to quench thirst.

      1. SweetSusie says:

        Lol Kenshi you are so funny.

  9. vjsmiles says:

    there are some pious shiiit that can’t be converted o….
    especially kaybang shiit 😀
    it has its antivirus against conversion 🙂

  10. vjsmiles says:

    and BTW I watched this video 2014 😐

  11. DY says:

    Nna, biko, all tufiakwas

  12. sewer metal says:

    your self are immediately above Morsay and his involvment in black metallic, nevertheless wherever you are wrong is around the album NecroPedoSadoMaso which is developed by SEWER not Morsay or his team

  13. Abbeyoneworld says:

    QUESTION OF THE DAY : Would you be willing to drink the water?
    Urgh!…. No way…. I mean cmon…. OMG!
    Well it show hoe much naija is blessed with pure resources but bad leaders

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