How To Take Pictures On Your Android Device Without Launching A Camera App

#ThrowBack to this post, where I told you all how to take videos secretly – this is something quite similar, but,  we would be working with pictures instead!
Ever wanted to take a secret selfie? or you want to take a picture of someone while ensuring he/she remains oblivious? Or let’s say you want to capture a moment (probably a friend fooling around) without him suspecting a thing?  Today is your lucky day as there is an app that allows you take pictures secretly on Android devices ( Come to think of it, there is an app for everything these days).
Introducing Quick Camera, the app that allows you take pictures secretly without anyone suspecting a thing!
How does it work? Easy Breezy!
If you have enough data, go ahead and install Quick Camera – Hidden Camera using this link, it is free by the way and 3.2mb in size.

After installing the app, launch it and get ready to set it up – navigate to the settings panel and set it up according to your preference.

And that is it my friends! To secretly take a picture navigate to your app drawer, and click on the “Take Photo” app icon and dassol! your pictures would be taken without launching anything or even a sound made!
Screenshot_2015-08-03-20-29-10 (1)

Easy as ABC yeah? I can just picture moments when this app can be useful *evil grin*.


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  1. optimusPRIME says:

    lol….nyc app..

  2. kaybang says:

    *squints eyes*

  3. sammyguide says:

    heheh……this is more like efcc, thanks darling

  4. DY says:

    Chai! Was suprised when I saw the title of this post, wondering how possile. without knowing have been here before self -_-

  5. DY says:

    *Possible* I mean

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