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Woah! It's August Already!?

Can’t believe it’s August already! last month flew by so fast!
Happy new month everyone! Just 5 months before the year runs out!
To all the consistent readers out there, thanks for making last month memorable. As always, you rock
Like we always do, here are the top 3 commentators of last month:
1. @Vjsmiles
2. Sir Stevoe
3. Titi  ( You go, girl!)
In the meantime, I need your opinion on the monthly commentators platform, should it be scrapped? if yes? I would like your opinion on what could be used to replace it.
Once again Happy New Month!


9 comments on “Woah! It's August Already!?

  1. Kelvin says:

    Happy New Month! This is my birth month! #TeamAugust22 .
    As for top Comentators , it should be scrapped and replaced with a random giveaway where anyone can win.

  2. feranmi says:

    happy new month!
    i was gonna say you should keepit, but seems like the dude above me has a better idea.

  3. Samm says:

    It’s my month!
    #August_27 #we gonna Rock!!

  4. Kay says:

    Crazy!…… Its my month as well…….. #August_1x
    Happy new month techies…….

  5. Yusufsd says:

    Hapi nu month.
    Misstechy u r doin well, my opinion. Just involve evryone wit some kinda assesement. The top commenters chart should be plugged out pls, i feel guilty weneva i look at it.

  6. DY says:

    Happy new month! Time to read the posts have missed 😀

  7. vjsmiles says:

    Have it scrapped?
    You must be kidding me tobi…
    The top commentators feature is an unbeatable traffic drawing strategy to your blog…
    Scrapping it is slashinslashing your traffic into two…because those calling for it to be removed are low on data….
    Scrap it and watch your traffic dwindle

  8. vjsmiles says:

    Happy new momonth 🙂

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