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An Android User? Renowned Security Journalist Has A Few Things To Say – Be Prepared, It's No Good News.

Android users get in here,  Mr. Franceschi-Bicchierai  has a few things to say to yall.
In case you are wondering who Mr. Franceschi-Bicchierai is,  According to Mashable, Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai is a reporter at Mashable’s New York headquarters, where he covers cybersecurity, tech policy, privacy and surveillance, hackers, drones, and, more……… Before Mashable, Lorenzo was an intern at, where he wrote for Danger Room, and Threat Level.


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Now back to the topic, the renowned security journalist according to his post on Motherboard, believes that Android users should ‘give up, switch to Apple and buy an iPhone’. He said this due Android’s vulnerability to attack.

According to him:

I’ve been antagonistic with Apple products ever since I was a teenager, when Apple used to try to shove its apps down my throat (cough iTunes cough) whenever I just wanted to watch a movie trailer on QuickTime. I never liked Apple’s walled garden and “we-control-everything” approach, and I particularly disliked Apple fan boys’ dumb “oh my god there’s a new iThing coming out” reverence and hysteria. So when the original iPhone came out a few years ago, I swore in multiple heated discussions with friends and strangers that I’d never buy an iPhone. Since then, I’ve only owned Android phones. First a few HTC ones, now a Sony phone. Well, I’m sick of it. And I’m ready to go to the dark side.

The main complaint  by Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai is the sluggish way it takes to roll out a patch for security vulnerabilities, like Stagefright – a new virus that attacks your android device via a text message. Whereas, for Apple, this is the opposite – i.e.  when there is a bug, Apple fixes the glitch and roll-out updates to all iPhone owners almost immediately.
For those who still want to stick to Android, Mr. Franceschi-Bicchierai recommends installing Cyanogen Mo as an alternative or just get a Nexus smartphone since Nexus hardware is always first to get the latest updates from Google.

“Or, lastly, you can give up, switch to Apple and buy an iPhone,”
“As much as my old self will hate me, I’m going to choose the last option”. He says

Android users, what do you think? Valid points or nay?

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5 comments on “An Android User? Renowned Security Journalist Has A Few Things To Say – Be Prepared, It's No Good News.

  1. Yusufsd says:

    Devices with mediatek chipsets r vulnerable eg shutdown n reboot can be done by sending “=” without quotes in an sms in most mediatek chipset devices.
    Now another one is stagefright(a low level, core android component) n it does more than shutdown n reboot, level of damage is determined by attacker’s craftiness, exploitation may be via MMS or through malicious websites.
    As for me sha na android i dey. Just that sms will be blocked n try to be in safe surfing mode. I heard patch is available n it will be made reachable to android users via updates SOON!, stay put. Help is cooooming 🙂

  2. Benjibabs says:

    I feel this guy. Out of curiosity, I once tried out an Android tablet; the experience was awful to say the list.

  3. Daze says:

    Lol, as much as I use android a lot of the time, my first choice in phones is always iOS. I have told people time and time again that transmitting malware(and other viruses) on android is way too easy, especially on mediatek phones where you can pretty much tweak anything you feel like. Nigerians may not like iPhones and I have to say I am not overly security conscious when it comes to my phones as I tend to change them a lot, any person who gives two fucks should be aware of this things… but no, you see people clicking links telling them they can use whatsapp without internet(as if that makes any sense). Plus, iOS is on 8.4(general release) at the moment, that is about 16 iOS 8 updates for all iphones from the 4S up in less than one year, the current version is the only signed one at the moment meaning that you cannot revert to a previous version and as such any exploits workable on older releases become void. And here we are in another ecosystem called android where flagship hTc device users rejoice if they get a new update. Android is pathetic really.

  4. Edi Dominic says:

    That is his own opinion. Perhaps he will give us the money to buy I phones and their yeye ITunes gift cards.
    Well, IMO, On Nigeria’s Best technology blog (2014), I wrote quite some helpful best methods of protecting yourself if you use an Android.
    Coz Anybody can be hacked, any device can get a virus attack but it all depends on the user, if your Android contracts a virus, then you don’t know how to use it or have not taken enough security measures.
    That’s all 🙂

  5. vjsmiles says:

    Hmmm..really epic…Mtk users take note 😉

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