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ThrowBack: See The PlayStation Console Built By Sony And Nintendo

I am sure you are all surprised to find out that Sony and Nintendo built a console together! Well Before Sony released what we all know as the PlayStation, they were developing a console with Nintendo.
Apparently, the two rival companies were once partners for a short time in 1998 where they teamed up to work on SNES-CD, a video game media format that supports higher capacity CDs. However, Nintendo didn’t want Sony to control  the SNES-CD format and a day after Sony introduced the SNES-compatible “Play Station” at CES, Nintendo gave Sony a huge blow by announcing a partnership with Philips to produce an SNES-CD add-on for the SNES.
Now thanks to an Imgur user DanDiebold, we have the chance to view this epic throwback of what could have been the world’s first hybrid/ Nintendo PlayStation, check out the images below:

Front View

Sony and Nintendo

Back View

Sony and Nintendo back

The Controller View

Sony and Nintendo 2
Sony and Nintendo 3
Thanks to the fallout, the Playstation was born. However, one cannot help but wonder where things would be now if Sony and Nintendo had teamed up 


11 comments on “ThrowBack: See The PlayStation Console Built By Sony And Nintendo

  1. Kay says:

    The “console” be looking like SEGA – SEGA with a CD-rom :mrgreen:

  2. titi says:

    I was about to say the same thing lol

  3. innocent says:

    Ps2 would be PlayStation cube…ps3 PlayStation Wii and Ps4 PlayStation Wii u…and boys in games centres will be flinging remotes at TV to score a fifa goal…tragic!!!

    1. SweetSusie says:

      dont understand wah u just said

      1. Sir Stevoe says:


  4. ojooluwakayode says:

    SNES was the bomb back in the days with Mario cart how much I missed those days

  5. kaybang says:

    wow. Now that’s d definition of dogsh*t! What the hell is dat???

  6. vjsmiles says:

    It looks like a printer 😉

    1. kaybang says:

      that’s exactly the word i was looking 4. Thank u. The thing looks atrocious!!

  7. Sir Stevoe says:

    Now I miss my PlayStation 1. Lol. The good ol’days!!

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