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NCC Raids InnJoo Technology Ltd For Unapproved Smartphones

I thought this was a rumor but after doing a little bit of research, I discovered it was 100%  true. According to a publication on Nairaland, The InnJoo office has been closed down by Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) due to the use of substandard materials and hardware being used to produce Innjoo phones especially Innjoo Fire.

NCC Raids InnJoo Technologies Ltd

NCC Raids InnJoo Technologies Ltd For Unapproved Smartphones

Despite the cut-out from the newspaper above (I couldn’t tell which newspaper source it was), I needed more evidence and luckily I saw a release from NanNews Nigeria, According to them, NCC has been hunting down InnJoo Technology Ltd for non-type approval of telecommunications equipment since Wednesday.
NCC Raids InnJoo Technologies Ltd  2

NCC Raids InnJoo Technologies Ltd For Unapproved Smartphones

A Mr. Salisu Abdul, the head of enforcement unit of NCC said as at the time of the report on NanNews that they are yet to locate the office address of the company. Apparently they have been writing to InnJoo since February to type-approve its phones but the company had refused.
They usually require a type approval so that the phones brought into the Nigerian market are  in consonance with the networks in Nigeria.  He said that the sale of non-type-approved telecoms equipment was a criminal offense, according to the provision of Section 131 of the Communication Act.

”While we are exercising our monitoring powers, we discovered that Innjoo Technology brought in some telecoms devices into the country and we asked the company to bring them for type approval. ‘We have been corresponding with them in compliance with our transparency and fairness regulatory activity and they fail to submit these equipment for type approval. So in that regard, we are now trying to trace who is Innjoo in Nigeria and discovered that it is being represented by a legal practitioner; Fortress Solicitors, whose office is City Hall,” he said. The head of enforcement said that Fortress Solicitors had refused to provide the address of Innjoo, even after being interrogated by the police. We want to sanitise the telecoms market to ensure that all equipment brought into the country is type approved for better quality of service,”
So, investigation will continue and if we find where Innjoo is, we will go and confiscate the equipment to ensure compliance.” Abdul said.

Mr Abdul further advised Nigerians to be conscious of the type of phones they buy as they affect the quality of services being received.
With the reports from the Nairaland user, it seems that they have finally caught up with InnJoo Technology limited. Efforts have been made to contact InnJoo and you would be updated when I’ve gotten a response.
Update:  I further checked the list of type approved mobile handsets in Nigeria by NCC and InnJoo had only 3 devices listed, 2 GSM devices and 1 Smartphone (i.e. The InnJoo i1s)
Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 9.24.31 AM
I am sure the Anti-china fans would have one or two things to say about this!


11 comments on “NCC Raids InnJoo Technology Ltd For Unapproved Smartphones

  1. Anonymous says:

    uh oh……

  2. eYinka says:

    Oh shucks…. Bad stuff!

  3. vjsmiles says:

    Ncc are clueless than ever…
    Fvvk this is the height of it…
    They should concentrate on dealing with annoying network providers that spam millions of Nigerians with annoying messages

  4. titi says:

    Misstechy come and give me the Innjoo fire let me help you throw it away.

  5. Kelvin says:

    Confirmed. Was at their office this morning.

  6. Edobor Edwin says:

    Bad Belle ppl… Una don dey find wey to collect to money

  7. optimusPRIME says:

    miss techy,,i must say,,,it serves dem…innjoo tablets are of very low quality,,,

  8. ITBomb says:

    Why Innjoo no wan settle ground and dash NCC free phone like Tecno dey do na or even as MTN dey dash dem free credits eveery week for smooth operations

  9. toljosade says:

    Hello Nigerian Ifans, I am writing in response to the Fine NCC imposed on InnJoo few days ago by NCC. Yes the fine is true!!!
    It was just an unfortunate situation for InnJoo… Last year, InnJoo decided not to anymore launch a particular model already short-shipped to Nigeria but before it could be shipped back from Nigeria to China, the NCC where already notified about the existence of the model on the Nigerian Soil and so NCC decided to charge InnJoo for not informing them about the model at the right time which InnJoo agreed because InnJoo knew it was wrong. NCC picked up that model and fined InnJoo since last year but InnJoo defended it and the case was not followed up since last year, InnJoo later chose to get the model approved and agreed to pay the fine since last year but stalled and hence few days ago, NCC acted on non compliance by InnJoo…
    One of InnJoo values is to always maintain the Right Attitude…
    THANKS to all the LOYAL FANS for continuing to support InnJoo and I can assure you that InnJoo will always respect the Laws of Nigeria to continue to bring you High Quality, Competitive and Affordable Products… Cheers…
    NOTE: In Reality, at times there might be some products which a Manufacturer thinks is needed urgently due to demands in the Mobile Market and so due to time issues or delays, the products sales might be forced not to wait for the neccessary conditions but will eventually meet up with the conditions at a later time…

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