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One Man's Trash, That's Another Man's Come-up : The U.S Navy Is Paying A Lot To Keep Using Windows XP

I am sure so that if I were to hold a Windows XP PC giveaway with a signed undertaking that says ” I would never upgrade this OS if I win.”  Most people will just ignore and scroll down to other posts.
Anyhoo, if you think the Windows XP is so 1879 meet the U.S Navy, who are reportedly paying the sum of $9 million dollars to Microsoft  in order for them to keep using the Windows XP – The Navy’s Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) which is in charge of handling communications and information network, recently signed a $9.1 million contract to maintain security patches for Windows XP, Office 2003, Exchange 2003 and Windows Server 2003 (Microsft stopped providing support for these patches). Also, the contract could stretch to 2017 which might cost them $30.8 million.
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Now imagine this, if the U.S Navy is still using Windows XP, what OS would the military department in developing countries like Nigeria use?  #FoodForThought.
I am just going to drop this image here *whistling*
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19 comments on “One Man's Trash, That's Another Man's Come-up : The U.S Navy Is Paying A Lot To Keep Using Windows XP

  1. Yetunde says:

    Lol @ Macklemore lyrics.. maybe they need it to up their security

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Lol, I just couldn’t resist using Macklemore’s lines

  2. Sir Stevoe says:

    LOL… Yeah right @yetunde, security reasons most definitely. But they should also be able to upgrade the security of more recent versions now?

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      My thoughts exactly!

      1. Sir Stevoe says:

        They don’t want to embrace ‘CHANGE’. Don’t mind them 😀

  3. Benjibabs says:

    As weird as this may seem, it is a common practice with multi national orgs or any large org especially those that rely heavily on in-house developed applications. By the time you stack the cost of extended support for the old OS against the cost of migration to latest OS plus migration of applications, it will make financial sense. Most of the time they request for extended support to get all their applications ready for the new OS which is not always a walk in the park. Organizations like US Navy that deal with national security will more than likely use lots of home grown software for obvious reasons. 🙂

    1. Sir Stevoe says:

      Hmmm… Nice one there Benji, making sense 🙂

    2. Badoo says:

      Impressive *slow clap*

  4. Cirphrank says:

    We’ll be using bonfire or beating drums! However I suppose delicate INFOs have been processed on that platform by the U.S Navy and they don’t want to risk loosing a bit to an upgrade, old is sexy, especially when techy, the less popular, the more the vunerability decreases…
    However this is a simple GODWIN situation for Windows.
    →Please LIKE MY FB PAGEBeta Yarn . You’d love you did. Ξ Thank you☺.

    1. Sir Stevoe says:

      You’re welcome. 🙂

  5. vjsmiles says:

    Where do you get this titles from? ” one Man trash is another man come up?” :laughing:

  6. vjsmiles says:

    Well for those hay laying them The Navy must have concrete reasons why the still want that version…
    Paying 9m for that? There must be something interesting

  7. vjsmiles says:

    Top notch post @ cirphrank 🙂

  8. Badoo says:

    Wonderful. I was wondering why they are still making use of those, I guess
    Benjibabs’ explanation makes perfect sense.

    1. Sir Stevoe says:


  9. vjsmiles says:

    Happy new month TOBI
    Gods blessing aand love

  10. vjsmiles says:

    Hnm kay sirsteveo Kelvin gori adaobi daze and all techies 🙂

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