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Tech On Wheels With CFA Debuts On Family Love FM Radio Network

The city of Lagos is no doubt the hub for most economic and entrepreneurial activities within the country including innovations and developments in and around the Tech ecosystem. But, the truth is that Lagos State only has a population of about 20 million people out of a total population of about 170 million Nigerians, who also have rights to receive tech-related knowledge which can help them become more productive and possible direct players in this growing worldwide industry.
In order to ensure that other parts of Nigeria are not excluded, Tech on Wheels with CFA will hit the airwaves from the first of July, 2015 on the Family Love FM radio network which has the potential of reaching millions of Nigerians weekly across the following cities; Port Harcourt and environs, Abuja and Environs as well as Umuahia and Environs.
Tech on Wheels with CFA is a 15 minutes Tech program hosted by Chukwuemeka Fred Agbata Jnr. “CFA” who is the Presenter of Tech Trends on Channels Television and would air every Wednesday as follows:

  • 5.15-5.30pm on 97.7 Love FM Port Harcourt
  • 6:30-6:45 pm on 104.5 Love FM Abuja
  • 7:30-7:45 pm
  • on 103.9 Love FM Umuahia

Tech on Wheels with CFA

Tech on Wheels with CFA

All editions of the show will be uploaded on to cater for those who miss any episode and for those residing in other parts of the world.
The program will feature interesting, educative and inspiring segments such as:

  1. Digital Tips: which will focus of content around Productivity Mobile Apps, Internet tips, Internet of things, blogging, making money online and lots more
  2. Safety Alert: the biggest challenge with technology today is security, so this segment deals with security, privacy, online scam, phishing, password management and general safety alerts.
  3. Everything Tech: A lot is happening in our Tech Ecosystem and this is the segment that deals with Innovation, gadgets, interesting new developments, breakthrough stories, upcoming events etc.

The show is designed to be unique and inspiring and in line with the CFA style of not being extremely techy – it’s the kind of show anyone, geks, and non-geeks, can tune into and enjoy.
It is our belief that this new program designed to complement Tech Trends on Channels TV will add more value and further deepen IT knowledge in Nigeria. Stay tuned to Tech on Wheels with CFA and receive knowledge and inspiration tech-wise!
Don’t you think this is a step in the right direction?


12 comments on “Tech On Wheels With CFA Debuts On Family Love FM Radio Network

  1. korede says:

    This is cool, great one from CFA, would try and keep tabs when driving back from work, great one Misstechy

  2. Gadget says:

    Nice,I love tech related info

  3. CFA says:

    Gracias people.
    Awesome blog @MissTechy
    Looking forward to having you on Tech Trends

    1. titi says:

      Wow, cannot wait to watch that episode oh @CFA and @MissTechy

    2. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Thank you CFA, I can’t wait ^_^

  4. SweetSusie says:

    Wow this is a nice initiative, pity I am not in Nigeria, woud have love to listen to it anyways thank God we can watch it via youtube, great initiative

    1. Sir Stevoe says:

      Really? Where are you based then/typing from??
      Yeah, YouTube to the rescue 🙂

  5. Sir Stevoe says:

    Nice one from CFA. Thanks for sharing MissTechy

  6. vjsmiles says:

    $/he is typing from Cotonou 🙂

  7. vjsmiles says:

    Tobi seriously to comment now on your blog is cumbersome 🙁
    Anything wrong?
    Browsing with a speed of 21mps but commenting here seemsseems ………….:(

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