App Review: JumpingMonkey – The ABC Game App Made By A Nigerian For Nigerian Kids

Given my love for anything Naija, I decided to make this review about an app that was made-by-a-Nigerian ^_^
The Android app by name JumpingMonkey ABC is an ABC Game app for Nigerian kids within the age range of 1  – 4 years. The app is very basic and it can help teach children to learn their alphabets in a fun way! Another innovative thing the app brings to the table (which I think is its USP – Unique Selling Point) is the ability to teach a kid ABCs in their local dialect, for now, they have the popular local languages such as  Hausa, Igbo, and Yoruba.
JumpingMonkey - The ABC Game App For Nigerian Kids


Simple, It is a mini- game where the kids help the monkey get bananas by ensuring they select the right alphabet from the options provided, any wrong alphabet selected would make the monkey stay in the same spot, the kid has to do this till he/she finishes the alphabets.
JumpingMonkey - The ABC Game App For Nigerian Kids 3


I really think this is a great way for Nigerians to teach children not only English alphabets but also local languages. You would all agree with me that this is lacking in the Nigerian educational system, the Nigerian kids of nowadays can barely speak their local languages!
However, here are some things I found lacking in the app.
1. Easy Navigation:
I wanted to go back and choose other languages especially Igbo to see if I can get the Igbo alphabets X_X, however, I noticed that I would need to go back to my home screen, quit the app from the background, and reselect the app again, this can be very frustrating.
2.  Challenging
The Nigerian kids of the 21st century are already introduced to very challenging games – So, I wish the app can have various levels of challenge, probably include a timer to ensure the kid is excited to play the game. Also, I noticed that when you select the wrong alphabet, you are not penalized (maybe making the monkey go a step backward) – If you’ve ever played Mavis beacon teaches typing you should know what I mean. (See a Mavis beacon image below)
JumpingMonkey - The ABC Game App For Nigerian Kids 2
With that said, I think JumpingMonkey ABC is really great. Why not try out the app and let me know if you find any flaw I didn’t see. To download, click here.
If you have any kids with you, you can also let them try their hands on it and tell me what they experienced when playing.


23 comments on “App Review: JumpingMonkey – The ABC Game App Made By A Nigerian For Nigerian Kids

  1. Kelvin says:

    Interesting.. Parents will definitely find this useful.

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Very true! the kids today don’t have any excuse not to know stuff, if i have a kid he/she must know how to type fast from age 5

      1. Kelvin says:

        Hehe. Your kid could be the next Bill Gates.

  2. vjsmiles says:

    Tcheew 🙂
    Angry that it is useless to me but happy that it is naija..
    Downloading asap

  3. Gadget says:

    good as long as it is made by a nigerian-kudos -keep up

  4. titi says:

    Nice one, the app developer should listen to what misstechy pointed, as usual great review misstechy

  5. Thanks a lot MissTechy for reviewing our app. We are hard at work at taking your awesome feedback and fixing the navigation system as well as adding more challenging game modes.

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Great to hear Nosa, looking forward to it.

  6. George says:

    It’s a nice app and right now Google supports app about education (Google apps for Education) how do I contact the developer to join a Google Developer Group, his app can go places.

    1. Hi George,
      Thanks for the heads up. I can be contacted at: info at intellectualinteractive dot com.

  7. Adaobi says:

    @Nosa, I’ll give it a go to test for bugs, but this will obviously be after work. I’ll send bug reports for any bugs I find.

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Good one Adaobi (Y)

  8. Adaobi says:

    @Nosa, your app appears stable, but it does have 2 integrity bugs, where the title enters an unplayable state. One occurs at the initial interactive state and the other occurs while playing in Yoruba. Don’t worry, I’ll write the bug reports with the reproduction steps.
    Technically, the fact that the Android device’s settings and back button appear to have no function can be considered bugs, but since the app has no in-title options, the settings button might be considered redundant. But, you might consider using the back button to return back to the main menu and/or to exit the app.
    As Tobi pointed out, it doesn’t feel very challenging. What’s the point of collecting the bananas at the end of gameplay? There are no stats/leaderboards for the user to see their best times or bananas collected. No real incentive to make them finish the alphabet faster, no penalties for inputting the wrong letter.

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      All hail- well said Adaobi

    2. Hi Adaobi,
      Thanks so much for taking the time to do a really thorough job of testing/reviewing the app. I feel extremely blessed to have stumbled upon an excellent community in that’s willing to go the extra mile in providing excellent feedback that would help improve the quality of the app.
      I’m looking at different ideas on how to increase the challenge and add additional game modes. This is however a fine balance because I have to make sure that the features/complexity of the game is within the cognitive abilities of the target market for this app (1-4 year olds). I’m not sure whether stats/leaderboards might be relevant to kids at that age however it’s definitely a feature that can and should be focus-tested.
      I look forward to receiving more feedback from you guys (Adaobi in particular!) on this and hopefully future apps.

      1. Adaobi says:

        You’re welcome, it’s no real bother – I hope the bug reports were satisfactory.

  9. SweetSusie says:

    Go Nigeria, great one from the developer.

  10. vjsmiles says:

    But have some flaws 🙁

  11. felix says:

    its a welcme development

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