The InnJoo Fire Full Review

Last week, MissTechy unboxed the InnJoo fire – if you didn’t see that you can click here.  I promised a more detailed review after I have put the device to strenuous activities. This week, I decided to ditch my phone (HTC one) to use the InnJoo Fire – I’ve been using the InnJoo Fire exclusively for the past 5 days, running Android 4.4.2 and during this period, I didn’t receive any  software update or upgrades (Not sure if it would come later on).
With that said, let’s kick off the Innjoo Fire full review


The first, and the most evident thing you get to notice when you see the InnJoo Fire is its two-toned design that combines a metal framed and plastic backed design. It comes with a 5.0-inch capacity touch screen and has slightly curved edges, Even though it is plastic, it doesn’t look so cheap.  However, I must admit that the InnJoo Fire felt quite bulky compared to other smartphones within its price range.
Did I tell you it comes with the notification light? well, it does!
Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 2.13.57 PM



I wasn’t so impressed with this, despite the Kit Kat OS, It had a lackluster UI – I felt  the Inn UI was bland. For example, the InnJoo Fire doesn’t come with an app drawer, this makes all your icons stay on the home screen – even though this can be easily solved by installing a launcher, I can’t help but ask why the app drawer isn’t there in the first place.


I liked the lock screen UI, it has a “long press to unlock” feature that made it feel like It was a fingerprint unlock (don’t be fazed by my comparison, please ).


… *yawns* I was quite bored with the music UI, very bored to be frank – the only thing that made me feel good was the song that was playing. Why? THE MUSIC UI WAS TOO PLAIN – Okay I would admit that  my HTC’s music UI probably clouded my judgement but all the same, I just felt InnJoo could have done more – However, we should all bear in mind that this is a N17,000+ phone, so the cost makes up for this.
The screenshot below is the only fine part of the Music UI


Just so you know, the InnJoo Fire speaker is placed at the back of the phone, if you plan on listening to your music using the inbuilt speaker, you should be ready to place the phone on its back to get the best output. Overall, the sound was on the average – not too loud, not too low.
Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 2.14.27 PM


With a 2500mAh battery, you shouldn’t expect so much, However, the InnJoo Fire surprised me. In order to see how far this battery can take me, I disconnected my modem, paid for mobile data, and switched on my hotspot (I did this for 5 days) and amazingly the InnJoo Fire wasn’t so bad, it lasted for about 5 hours+ each day with a full charge (we all know that nothing zaps your battery life like  WIFI hotspot).
I also used Antutu benchmark to gauge its battery performance and it certified what I thought of the InnJoo Fire.


I know the burning question on those that are interested in the InnJoo Fire is – HOW IS THE CAMERA LIKE? 5MP Back camera? No way!
Well, before you say No way, I’d take you on a series of comparison – For this, I would be pairing the InnJoo Fire against the Samsung Galaxy duos.


I decided to take a picture of my new baby (Samsung NX300) using the Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 (N25,000+) and the InnJoo Fire (N17,700+)
The Samsung Galaxy S Duos back camera picture
Misstechy-innjoo-fire-camera-vs-samsung galaxy
VERDICT: You don’t need me to tell you who won this comparison, The InnJoo Fire’s color stood out over  the Samsung Galaxy duos.


InnJoo Fire


Before you think I would be dropping the InnJoo Fire into a bowl of water – THINK AGAIN …I am not foolish enough to go to that extreme given the fact that the InnJoo Fire is not waterproof, however, I did put it to some water test!
You know that moment when your hand is wet and you want to use your device, but it doesn’t respond?
Well, I tried that for the InnJoo Fire but instead of getting my hands wet, I stayed under a drizzling rain to see if the InnJoo fire can withstand some bit of water. However, due to the fact that I couldn’t capture that moment on camera, I made an in-house water test video – I punctured a bottled water to give me the drizzling effect and kept the InnJoo Fire under it to see if would withstand the water a bit. See the  41-second video below:

At first it did, but after staying under the “drizzling rain” for more than 40 seconds, it became unresponsive, especially the capacitive buttons. In case you get the Fire stay away from water. Lol.



The InnJoo fire comes with a 2GB RAM – so it shouldn’t  come as a surprise to discover that it can multitask, I selected some apps to run at the same time, this includes – A temple run game, Camera, WWE, Afro, and some other apps that I can’t remember at the moment.
At first, after navigating to the Temple run game from my camera, I noticed something weird with the gaming, see the image below:
I cleared everything and re-launched the apps, this time around, I didn’t experience the same bug as in the previous image.
There is, however, a tiny change when it comes to multitasking,  if you are accustomed to using your home button as your multitasking button, you would need to adapt to the InnJoo Fire, now, you would need to hold down the left button to activate the multitasker
I also used the Antutu benchmark to test its performance – see the results below




The only extra feature I noticed on the InnJoo Fire is the Smart gestures
As with other devices in its category, the InnJoo fire allows you trace your finger on the locked screen to access some apps. For example, C is for the call, E is for Email, W is for setting, O is for the gallery, M is for music, S is for profile and V is for messaging.
You can also doulbe tap to unlock.
That is about that.
Considering the price, how good is the InnJoo Fire?


34 comments on “The InnJoo Fire Full Review

  1. Korede says:

    OMG misstechy your review is on poinnnt

  2. Kelvin says:

    Good review. Antutu benchmark is not consistent. When I did my review , the device scored 18,000+ .
    I don’t know why.

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Hmmn probably a bug

  3. vjsmiles says:


  4. michael says:

    Wonderful and detailed review indeed. Good work Miss techy

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Awww thank you Micheal 🙂 Great to see you here 🙂 🙂

  5. vjsmiles says:

    Dont have much to say…
    You simply growing better by every passing hour ..
    10/10 🙂

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      *swoons* thank you Vjsmiles – thank you

  6. yetunde says:

    This is the best Nigerian review

  7. Adaobi says:

    Just ran my Note 3 through Antutu, feeling like a proud mama bear, of course the battery failed it, but still a proud mama bear…

  8. vjsmiles says:

    Yoi welcome hun 🙂

  9. Cirphrank says:

    Miss. Techy! What have thou done? See review monopoly!

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Lool. Thou knowest that I had to do this.

  10. Titi says:

    I am so getting the InnJoo fire because of this – it would be my second phone

  11. daniel says:

    This is by far the best review I have seen in Nigeria … No ass kissing

  12. Anonymous says:

    Wonderful In depth review. I think I would give the injoo a pass mark.

  13. Moses says:

    Best review I’ve seen online in Nigeria. The injoo fire is a good phone

  14. yusufsd says:

    eyyah u dropped a phone?
    nice one, even though u 4got ur promise.
    all info needed r available… nice work.

  15. yusufsd says:

    someone need dat gadget dat is thrown in hot water, smashed, etc. well na just wish

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Aww I am sorry, don’t worry just pray for MissTechy, one of these days – i’d be giving out phones 🙂

  16. yusufsd says:

    yaay! u just made me happy… am hapily n patiently anticipating. 😀

  17. Badoo says:

    Nicely done. When should we be expecting the boiling test?

  18. Badoo says:

    And the grinding test 😀

  19. yusufsd says:

    lol @ Badoo

  20. vjsmiles says:

    Grinding test ko? 🙂 @badoo

    1. Kelvin says:

      Grinding Test? We all know this phone wouldn’t survive.

  21. vjsmiles says:

    Boiling water test ni? Lmao o 🙂
    Her review is so on point mehnnnmeh:) n not

  22. DJX says:

    IS the back cover removable if YES please need picture

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Don’t understand, but Yes the back cover is removable, you can visit this link for the unboxing and pictures :

  23. biodun says:

    I discover that my innjoo fire gets soooo hot almost every time. when am charging, receiving a call,playing music or video. the battery life doesn’t last at all and it doesn’t charge to 100 % unless I power it off. am regretting getting this phone which i wouldn’t go for initially but for the 2GIG RAM. SMH

  24. biyi says:

    I’m not enjoying this phone at all…..a little water touched the phone after I was beaten by rain last night and now the screen is not working anymore

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