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Gionee Teases Fans With The Marathon M4 Sporting A Massive 5000mAh Battery

Every smartphone user knows the paramount problem we have – It is definitely not the amount of storage as this can be fixed with a MicroSD (Though I have seen someone complaining about his 64gb storage space). The major problem that is quite unique to every smartphone user is the battery life and it seem Gionee is here to solve that.
I haven’t used a Gionee before, but they are known for releasing Smartphones with large capacity batteries and just like the Gionee Marathon M3 the Gionee Marathon M4  would come with a massive 5000mAH battery – just so you know, that is about 65 hours talk time – now that is huge!

MissTechy - Gionee teases fans with the Marathon M4

Gionee teases fans with the Marathon M4

They released the teaser for the Marathon M4 on their facebook page and according to words on the street it will be wrapped in a metal chassis and would come with a 5’720 display, a 1.5GB RAM, an 8MP back camera and a 5MP front camera.
Gionee teases fans with the Marathon M4
Imagine all the things you can do with a 5000mAH battery!


20 comments on “Gionee Teases Fans With The Marathon M4 Sporting A Massive 5000mAh Battery

  1. Kelvin says:

    Is there a fast charge? If there isn’t , then 5000mAh is too much to charge! Can take more than 8hours to charge.

    1. Korede says:

      Guy fast charge or no fast charge 5000mah is the deal

  2. vjsmiles says:

    Giomee wont be That dumb not to include a fast charge feature 🙂

    1. Sir Stevoe says:

      Its predecessor had the quick charge feature, so this should also.
      If you ask me, ‘dumbness’ is when a gold Mac book has a single USB port! LOL.

  3. vjsmiles says:

    Waiting patiently for Tecno to include fast charge in their new upcoming release 🙁

    1. Sir Stevoe says:

      Patience is a good virtue. BTW have they announced any new model yet??

  4. Andrew Igure says:

    Now 5,000 mAh is a lot of battery capacity coming from Giomee. Just hope such a phone won’t need to be cooling off in a freezer each you have to charge it…lol

  5. Cirphrank says:

    8mp camera? When the #Hero, infinix 0 2 , has 13! And it better have fast charge o, how else can one enjoy it in this country when sometimes electricity is available only 2hrs in a day, if not its only main edge over sleek 0 2 will be useless. Thou shall not burn fuel to charge.

    1. Sir Stevoe says:

      Yes, moreover the Infinix hot note has fast charge – 20 minutes! With long stand by time as well…

  6. yusufsd says:

    ppl lyk me need this… living where electricity appears once in a month( a day b4 NEPA ppl go come collect m0ni). perfect battery life 4 a smartphone.

  7. vjsmiles says:

    Buy i better pass my neigbour na 🙂

  8. vjsmiles says:

    20minutes wetin @stevoe
    ;( ;'( :'(

  9. Sir Stevoe says:

    Yep, 20 minutes CHARGE takes you over 7 hours Lol. And that’s just about 75% of its battery. Very True. With its massive 4000 maH Battery. 😀
    Now You Know.

  10. vjsmiles says:

    Knowledge is the key

    1. Sir Stevoe says:

      Abi… This quote reminds me of pry sch days. Lol.

  11. vjsmiles says:

    Thanks for the info stevoe ;D

    1. Sir Stevoe says:

      You’re welcome vj 🙂 #teaminfinix

  12. Badoo says:

    5000maH is quite impressive but no major difference from the M3

  13. vjsmiles says:

    Team infinix wetin? 🙁

  14. vjsmiles says:

    Sorry I don’t do MTk phones 🙂

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