The LG G4 Stayed In Water For 2 Hours! See What Happened To It Afterwards

When LG listed out the features of their latest devices – the LG G4, they never included a water and dust resistance feature, as a matter of fact, given the leather back  option, you shouldn’t expect this feature.

So, what if you get the Lg G4 today and it ends up in water, what would happen to it?

A YouTube user Harris Craycaft decided to put that to the test, The LG G4 Stayed In Water For 2 Hours – not 2 minutes oh, 2 Two straight hours.
Watch the video below:

I am sure you thought it wouldn’t survive…Admit it.
If you watched the video, you should know by now that the LG G4 survived in the water for 2 hours according to Harris – as we can’t be too sure if it really stayed in the water for 2 hours.  After more research, I was able to give the reasons it might survive, they are:
1. The LG G4 comes with a tight sealing on the back of the phone.
2. It also includes densely packaged components
At the end of the video, water still penetrated into the device but didn’t create ab lasting damage as Craycraft removed the battery and placed the phone and the battery inside a bag of rice to dry it after which the phone worked perfectly well.
Go LG!


14 comments on “The LG G4 Stayed In Water For 2 Hours! See What Happened To It Afterwards

  1. Fides_RYM says:

    Shey you hear the guy?? He risked his phone…. but the phone was actually impressive anyways. And BTW, this people have gotta stop doing crazy things to phones…. can I have the dude’s email address please??

    1. Sir Stevoe says:

      Hahaha… But the risk was worth it na. lol

  2. vjsmiles says:

    But this tech guys can waste money shaaashaaa.. ..

  3. vjsmiles says:

    The G4 is just there even with this test. ..
    I like some of the specifications but LG fucked up i was expecting more…
    I will give it 10/10 if it can withstand the &hammer, car,grinder hot water and compression test Just like the iPhone and Samsung did.. ..
    Now that is realreal quality 🙂 🙁

  4. yusufsd says:

    even if water can penetrate into it. the inner components can be sealed so as to prevent Short circuit… nice product, great fault tolerant capabilities hola amigos, m back. exams finished.

  5. vjsmiles says:

    Welcome back homie @yusufsd.. .
    Nice having you back here

  6. Kelvin says:

    Watched the video few days back but I wasn’t surprised.

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Lol why weren’t you surprised.

  7. yusufsd says:

    graciás mi hermaño @ VJ

  8. Sir Stevoe says:

    It’s only a matter of time.. All smartphones will soon be water proof.

    1. yusufsd says:

      yeah. I agree wit u @ sir stevoe. it will no longer b uncommon.

  9. vjsmiles says:

    We are here to see…

  10. vjsmiles says:

    But if na mtk Lai Lai tecno gionee and infinix can never produce water proof phones 🙂

  11. felix says:

    you are rite @ sir steve

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