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See Everything That Happens Online In 60 Seconds

Have you ever wondered how many tweets are sent in a day or how many pictures we upload on Instagram in Nigeria alone? Apparently some researchers  thought about this and have created an Infographic that shows everything that happens online in 60 seconds.
This Infographic is based on the research conducted by the Vocational Training Council in Hong Kong from data collated in 2014.
As seen in the infographic, “the online flow of information is getting more and more staggering: from 20 billion WhatsApp messages in 2012 to 50 billion in 2014; from roughly 25 hours youtube video upload in 2012 to 120 hours upload in 2014; from roughly 700 thousand google searches in 2012 to 4 million searches in 2014.” ( Source: VTC).
Without further ado, see the Infographic below:

Everything That Happens Online In 60 Seconds

Everything That Happens Online In 60 Seconds

Amazing right – 50 Billion Whatsapp messages?? whew!

In a bid to create our own research ;), can you tell MissTechy how many Whatsapp messages, tweets, Facebook posts and emails you send in a day?


7 comments on “See Everything That Happens Online In 60 Seconds

  1. Gerald says:

    its bn resolved, i can now comment, thanks.
    But please the Mortal kombat X problem remains,pls i replied you on your Facebook's forum, please

  2. MissTowbee says:

    Hey gerald – Kindly check your Facebook notification 🙂

  3. Marcio Ribeiro says:

    Hey MissTechy, great visualization but I think WhatsApp numbers are a lot off.
    Think about it for a sec, WhatsApp has around 800mi total users today.
    50billion messages every 60 seconds means ~833mi/second, which means that every currently registered WhatsApp user would have to be sending 1 message at every second to sustain such an insane rate. I think it is more like 50bi/day, not 50bi/60sec.
    50bi/day = ~34mi/60sec

    1. Gori says:

      Wow. Hmm. What you said is true. Thanks for the info.

    2. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Hey Marcio, Thanks for the comment and enlightenment, It is greatly appreciated

    3. Badoo says:

      Cool! Didn’t even notice that

  4. vjsmiles says:

    Marcio you are absolutely wrong. ..

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