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Jumia's Tech Blogger RoundTable Report + See The Bloggers Know Better Infographic

Based on popular demand, here is how the Jumia Tech Bloggers Round Table went:

 Jumia organized a Tech Blogger Roundtable event on the 14th of May 2015 and it was perhaps the greatest assemblage of experts in the Nigerian mobile market. The event, anchored by Bertille Guitton, Head of Communication Jumia, gathered the biggest names of both the Mobile manufacturing business and the Tech blogging world.


The passion for mobile phones and technology was very evident in the room right from the opening address made by Jonathan Doerr, Managing Director Jumia Nigeria, to the engaging, enlightening and excellent conversation that ensued. The bloggers had the representatives of the mobile brands (Samsung, LG, Innjoo, Infinix, Tecno and Lenovo) on their toes as they questioned them on topics which spanned from operating system updates, priorities, affordability, expectations and more!


Recapping the flow of events, a very insightful mobile phone infographic was revealed –  Jumia Nigeria engaged as many as 100 top tech bloggers in Nigeria with a mobile phone survey and below is the infographic based on their feedback.

infographics3 (1)

 The Tech Blogger roundtable discussion certainly offers a befitting start to the countdown to the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon! For one week and one week only, Jumia brings you deals of a lifetime from the world’s hottest brands!

Download the Jumia App and get access to deals hours before everyone else. On the 1st of June, you better be ready, you better be fast and get the phone you have always wanted with the Jumia Mobile Week Megathon!

So what do you think about the infographic?

Psst – This is not related, but I just want to say I enjoyed talking with Bertille – She has a really great personality 🙂



13 comments on “Jumia's Tech Blogger RoundTable Report + See The Bloggers Know Better Infographic

  1. Eva Nkem says:

    Where are u in the pix

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Hey Eva, I am the girl wearing a red and white gown – top right corner – X_X – Update: I am the one in the middle – edited the collage

  2. vjsmiles says:

    misstechy you look so crunchy….
    pheeeew ah was like ……
    never mind shaaaa

  3. vjsmiles says:

    loke seriously bae..
    come china and marrwie me 🙂

  4. vjsmiles says:

    like bae….
    you so fvvking cute and gracious…

    1. Kay says:

      Smiles haw far you na…. 😐
      E haf do. 😀

  5. Bertille says:

    Ooh that's very kind thanks Tobi!
    We really enjoyed having you here 🙂
    Have a lovely day and meet you again very soon

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Enjoyed being there too 🙂

  6. Tubde says:

    Wow I can't wait for this Jumia Mobilegeddon oh – hands on the phone

  7. Yemi says:

    Oh shout out for me? 🙁 Be that way

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      LOOL – I am sorry Yemi :'). Next time 2 Paragraphs just for you 😀

  8. Gori says:

    How I so wish that I could have attended, though I am not a blogger. Nice one miss techy.

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