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Microsoft Is Officially Supporting The Middle Finger Emoji

Finally! Microsoft is giving you the middle finger *coughs* Emoji! Microsoft will be the first Tech Company to allow you use the Middle Finger Emoji on its platform.
It would interest you to note that the middle finger emoji has actually been around since 2014, but remained absent from iOS, OS X and Android. Microsoft, however, appears ready to let you flip the middle finger which would be available for anyone with a Windows Phone or device to use when Windows 10 arrives.
The best part about the middle finger is that it comes with a range of skin tone options – from the pale middle finger, through to the black middle finger.

Middle Finger Emoji

Other emoji will come in diverse skin tones as well –  See some of them below according to Emojipedia

Middle Finger EmojiDownload Microsoft Middle Finger EmojiDownload Microsoft Middle Finger Emoji

Windows has also changed its previous emoji to make them more similar to those that Apple and Google users are used to. “Face Screaming In Fear now has hands on either side of the faceDownload Microsoft Middle Finger Emoji

“Relieved Face loses its comical sheepishness, and now appears calm with eyes closed, and a smile.”

Download Microsoft Middle Finger EmojiPersonally I am happy with the Emoji Updates because instead of using a cuss word to respond to that annoying guy I’d just use this:

Download Microsoft Middle Finger Emoji
What do you think?

6 comments on “Microsoft Is Officially Supporting The Middle Finger Emoji

  1. Steve says:

    ;o Well since microsoft have decided to include it in their new version, i'm guessing others will follow suit…Lol its kinda funny though

  2. Gori says:

    This is the kind of innovation that Microsoft needs to get back on their tech game if they are to catch up with apple and Google. Nice one there Microsoft..

    1. Kay says:

      I don't get how "f**k you" is an innovation. 😮
      E lighten me please.. 😆

  3. Sir Stevoe says:

    Hahaha 😀

  4. vjsmiles says:

    of what use is the emoji
    maybe to go ballistic on someone who is fvvked up….

  5. Sir Stevoe says:

    Like seriously. LMAO @innovation

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