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Yay or Nay ? – A Xiaomi Event Invitation Vs An Apple Event Invitation

A Xiaomi Event Invitation Vs An Apple Event Invitation

These Chinese Start-up, Xiaomi have no chill whatsoever.
In case you don’t know,  the Chinese company as a result of their shameless copycatting habits have been dubbed the Apple of China, The rate at which they dub should make anyone shiver – well maybe not – but at least you should shake your head.
Don’t believe me – Let me prove it.
Xiaomi in a bid to launch their new Smartphone on the 23rd of April has sent out invites to various individuals and OMG these guys took it to the extreme – They went as far as dubbing  An Apple Event Invitation.
See that below – 
xiaomi launch event apple invite
Even though Xiaomi is one of the hottest smartphone companies out there, J\just five years old and has rapidly grown to become the world’s most valuable tech startup worth about $46 billion, these guys don’t see it as a crime copying in an obvious way.
See an Apple’s Event Invitation sent in March for its Apple Watch event:
apple watch march 9 event invitation
See anything familiar?
At the end of the day – who cares right? the new Xiaomi Phones would still be sold out in probably 20 minutes hehehe.
However, my only problem with this is that anytime Xiaomi comes up to say that people are ripping off their designs – I would personally travel to China and have a talk with Xiaomi’s founder CEO Lei Jun.
They should not even try me 


9 comments on “Yay or Nay ? – A Xiaomi Event Invitation Vs An Apple Event Invitation

  1. Paula says:

    Hey Misstechy I am from Atlanta Georgia – I saw this article and I must say I like your blog, you did well

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Aww thank you Paula – you have made my day 😀

  2. Akoni says:

    Apple did the same thing to xerox. I don't get pissed anymore after reading "Steve Jobs".

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      OMG you've read Steve Jobs – I want to read too :'(

  3. vjsmiles says:


  4. Akoniworks says:

    Chief that iv was inspired by apple, it's close, we shouldn't lie, they won't pay us Abeg. read further and see that the owner of the Chinese company is someone who idolized Steve Jobs, he even dresses like Steve Jobs!

  5. Akoniworks says:

    lol, I have the book in an app that has been killed, Prolly cos dey had too many free eBooks

  6. Gori says:

    Well, in todays world, everyone learn from each other. But there should be moderation in everything.

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