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Can You Answer Apple's Job Interview Questions?

Throwback to this post, when I asked if you had what it took to work at Google, In my opinion, if you can work at Google, you can work anywhere – here’s something similar to that. I saw this Interview Questions on Glassdoor and BusinessInsider and I just felt it might be very useful to some of us given that other companies like copying these big tech guys.  We all know that Apple is one of the biggest Tech companies in the World and to get a job there wouldn’t be so easy.

Can You Answer Apple’s Job Interview Questions?

Throwback to this post, when I asked if you had what it took to work at Google, In my opinion, if you can work at Google, you can work anywhere – here’s something similar to that.
I saw these Interview Questions on Glassdoor and I just felt it might be very useful to some of us given that other companies like copying these big tech guys.  We all know that Apple is one of the biggest Tech companies in the World and to get a job there wouldn’t be so easy.
Glassdoor decided to make this easy by providing some questions Apple Inc uses to select their employees – I have selected the top 7 questions I feel are more brain tasking and require more brain knowledge. Is your brain equipped to answer these Apple’s Job Interview Questions? If Yes? Let’s do this 🙂


Explain to an 8-year-old what a modem/router is?
Apple's Job Interview Questions


You have 100 coins laying flat on a table, each with a head side and a tail side. 10 of them are heads up, 90 are tails up. You can’t feel, see or in any other way find out which side is up. Split the coins into two piles such that there are the same number of heads in each pile.
Apple's Job Interview Questions


There are three boxes, one contains only apples, one contains only oranges, and one contains both apples and oranges. The boxes have been incorrectly labeled such that no label identifies the actual contents of the box it labels. Opening just one box, and without looking in the box, you take out one piece of fruit. By looking at the fruit, how can you immediately label all of the boxes correctly?

 Apple's Job Interview Questions

Given an iTunes type of app that pulls down lots of images that get stale over time, what strategy would you use to flush disused images over time?

Apple's Job Interview Questions




How many children are born every day?”

Apple's Job Interview Questions


“If you have 2 eggs, and you want to figure out what’s the highest floor from which you can drop the egg without breaking it, how would you do it? What’s the optimal solution?”

Apple's Job Interview Questions

Image via andrew.cmu


What’s more important, fixing the customer’s problem or creating a good customer experience?” 

Which of the questions can you answer effectively without googling the answer?? – don’t lie oh – I was able to answer question 1 and 6 effectively *scratches head*, can’t tell you my answers till I read yours 


31 comments on “Can You Answer Apple's Job Interview Questions?

  1. lanre says:

    how many children everyday ?? – 7.3 billion 😀 😋😁😜 that is the only one I know

    1. Fides_RYM says:

      I'm pretty sure 7.3billion is just about the world's population…

  2. kayode says:

    Question 1: a modem is a box that connects you to the internet

  3. Fides_RYM says:

    Try to bear with me, the answer to number three can look a little twisted but it's just about probabilities. Here goes…
    Bearing in mind that the boxes are not labelled to reveal what they contain and that a type of fruit will be appearing alone in a box once and together in another box.
    I think I've got two answers here.
    1. If I take an orange from a box labelled apple+orange, the only other box that will contain an orange is the box labelled as Apple, which means in this case, the box labelled apple +orange contains only oranges, the one labelled apple contains apple+oranges, and the box labelled orange will contain only apples.
    2. If I pick an apple from a box labelled apple+orange……I'm pretty sure you can figure out the rest. (But just in case…in this case, we'll have box apple+orange containing only apples, box apple containing only oranges and box orange containing apple+orange ).
    Do you understand now??

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Lemme not lie – you just dazed me with your answer

      1. Fides_RYM says:

        I know…. it sounded way much cooler in my head

  4. gbolahan says:

    No. 6
    The answer is height zero… That is floor zero,

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Lol How did you arrive at the answer?

  5. yusufsd says:

    5. since human population is increasing. the number of children given birth to is greater than number of people dying daily. I think I can manage F after d test.

  6. yusufsd says:

    6. pick d egg drop from a very little height keep increasing until d egg breaks. the last height before d breakage is the HEIGHT.

  7. yusufsd says:

    7. gud customers experience should be the priority, bcos it literally mean prevention.
    but solving a problem means repairing a fault.
    prevention is beta than cure.

    1. Fides_RYM says:

      Uhhhmm, just one question…. why do apps get updated?? I think problems are inevitable an nothing is perfect, so why not just be good at fixing the customer's problem. //but dats just me anyway

  8. Kelvin says:

    Hmm. Tough questions. I could even get one answer.

  9. Shuchivrat says:

    Question 6:- First throw an egg from the highest floor, If it doesn't break then you get the answer right way if one step. If it breaks then throw egg from half the number of floor size (I mean, If highest no. of floor is 10 throw it from 5). If it breaks you know that you need to check between floor 1 to 5 and skip floors above 5. This way you divide the problem & get to the answer fast with optimal solution.

    1. Anonymous says:

      If it breaks from the highest floor that is 10th floor

  10. Tobi Ayeni says:

    LOOL you are not alone

  11. Adaobi says:

    I actually understand your logic, plus they said you could not look into the box, they didn't say you couldn't feel the contents in the box. They didn't say you must collect the fruit from the top, you could literally have a feel around the box's contents, while getting your single fruit.
    Plus, the added bonus that every single box has been labelled incorrectly, that would mean once you've correctly labelled the box you initially picked, you can simply swap the remaining labels on the other two.

  12. Adaobi says:

    Doesn't question 2 just mean, split the coins into 2 equal piles? Meaning 2 piles of 50 coins. It never stated that they should be facing up, just that the needed an equal amount of heads & since each coin is dual sided, the heads would always be present regardless of whether it was facing up or down…

  13. Adaobi says:

    Question 7. As an actual customer, I prefer my problem being solved. As much I enjoy experiencing good customer service, there's no point in me getting good service, but they've failed to solve my problem. You'd be surprised how much some customers will take, if they know for a fact that their problems would be throughly fixed.
    I'm sure some of you use certain barbers/stylists even though you don't like how they behave or their prices, but you know you'd come out looking like Aphrodite or Zeus after they were done with you.

  14. Adaobi says:

    As for question 5, they would hate me after I'd ask all the questions about the parameters. Mode of conception – natural or IVF, consensual or otherwise? Planned or unplanned? Sexuality of parents? If IVF was chosen – designer baby or random selection? Success rate of IVF? Surrogate? If the baby carrier is healthy? Past drug use? Age? Racial? Genetic traits that could be harmful? Smoker or non-smoker? Rare diseases? Still birth? Abortions? Contraception? Accidents? Probability of being hit by a bus? Act of God? Insurance? Criminal Activity? etc…

  15. Moh says:

    No. 3 is about the easiest to me, if u pick from the first box and let's say u pick orange. From the question, it is said that all the boxes are labelled wrongly, which makes that box either apple only or both. If the label on it is both, it tells you ur box is APPLE, the same way if the label is Apple, it tells you that box contains BOTH apple and orange. Then u can easily swap the two labels on the two other boxes (because they are labeled wrongly remember)

  16. MrDeee says:

    Miss techy give us the answers u may save somebody from loosing a job by it.

  17. igwe godwin vc says:

    just passing

  18. igwe godwin vc says:

    I will Ans only question 6 using this comment… miss techy, do u think I came here to read these questions or get Ans to these questions??? lolssss…. it is simple…. I came here to get d correct Ans to d questions only for me to meet u here asking for a customer relationship… lolssss… can't u see am not satisfied???? plsssss…. send us d Ans… if possible self, send am to my phone no via sms.. 07069588805…

  19. redmanc says:

    2, 3 hv been answeres
    4. An app that pulls down stale images over time, and I want to remove disused images. I'LL USE THE APP
    5. Children born everyday? It varies (figure not constant)
    6. Assuming I actually go up 1 floor to the first floor and drop an egg. The egg should break assuming it is not reinforced
    7. A good customer experience entails fixing the customer's problem amongst other things

  20. Sir Stevoe says:

    Mehn! Scary questions *covers face*

  21. kosi okpala says:

    Miss techy this place u get the questions, get the answers na.

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      LOOL okay Kosi – watch out in the next post 😉

  22. vjsmiles says:

    Me no know o

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