Turn Your SmartPhone's Camera Into A Spy Camera With Just A Dial

Turn Your SmartPhone’s Camera Into A Spy Camera With Just A Dial

Have you ever been in a situation where you don’t want people to know you are recording a particular situation or lets say a policeman stops you and is asking for bribe, and you want to record the situation for future purpose – obviously using your stock camera app would awake people’s attention to what you are doing, so how can you effectively use your camera without alerting people’s attention? Or is there a way you can quickly activate your Camera by just dialing a number let say *123#?  and stop the camera by dialing another number *234# for example?


Sercet Eye lets you record videos secretly  without any shutter sound and camera preview on your device screen, even your’s screen is off! In a country like Nigeria, this can come in handy – trust me, What this app does is it allows you activate your camera by just dialing any number you assigned to it.
When you dial this number the recording feature is activated immediately without anyone guessing! You can even play games and do anything on your smartphone while it is recording. You can also stop recording by dialing the number assigned to it. Another feature is you can place any shortcut using your name or any icon of your choice on your home screen to activate it if you don’t want to use the dialer function.
As usual, before I give an app a thumbs up, I always see the app’s competition to see if there are better ones and trust me this app is one of the few best ones. Although the file is super small (takes up little more than 2 MB of memory) the app brings enough cool features to fulfill the mission of secretly filming. The camera quality is also clear, unlike another camera app.
The fact that I can just dial 1 and the secret camera starts recording is A M A Z I N G! – I know you might not see the usefulness now but trust me, you’d thank me later when you find yourself in a situation you need to secretly record.
With that said – drop your comments – let me not lie, I LOVE THEM 😉 and of course download FOR FREE using this link
Play around with the app and let me know what you think.


10 comments on “Turn Your SmartPhone's Camera Into A Spy Camera With Just A Dial

  1. Vic says:

    Hi Tobi. The download link did not work for me. I'm using opera mini.

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Thank you so much Vic for noticing that – that was a mistake on my part, I have updated the new link, or you could just copy and paste this… in your browser

  2. vjsmiles says:

    cool apo i must say miss techy

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Yayy I know right! I

  3. Ben says:

    Great app. Do you know of any such app on IOS?

  4. olawale says:

    Nice! Will sure come in handy!

  5. Sir Stevoe says:

    sounds interesting! For the wannabe detectives lol. Will definitely try it out

  6. yusufsd says:

    gudnews to aspiring Russian spies. lol

  7. Abdullateef says:

    Nice 1

  8. janko-99 says:


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