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Reports Claim That Samsung Paid 500 People To Pose As Fake Fans For Their S6 Press Conference In China

 Samsung Paid 500 People To Attend Their S6 Press Conference

According to reports from a popular website in China –,  Samsung paid a total of 500 people to pose as fans in the Samsung S6 and S6 Edge launch in China, barbaric isn’t it?? Around 1000 people attended the event and the reports claim that half of them were paid to be there.

The news broke out after a recruiter, that was responsible for recruiting these fake fans claimed that they were paid were paid 30 yuan (US$4.80, N1, 008) to show up at the event and stay for an hour, while the recruiter earned 20 yuan (US$3.20) from every person he recruited. The recruiter said Samsung’s requirements was that they must be younger than 30 and look like students so that it would give the brand a vibrant look.

In case you don’t know, Samsung isn’t doing so well in most Asian countries, as a matter of fact, Xiaomi dethroned Samsung in 2014, while in India, Samsung failed to attract new customers. These statistics prove that small players, likes of Xiaomi, Gionee, and Micromax, are eating into Samsung’s market and the Korean smartphone giant is facing a tough time to maintain brand loyalty.  A report from Slideshare also backed these statistics – see the image below

prediction-of-apples-q3-iphone-sales-and-trends-guiding-q4-see-how-apple-is-winning-and-losing-hearts-and-minds-in-china-us-and-europe-12-638 (1)Image Source:

The report also claimed that the fans were asked to tell the press that they were attending the event because they were Samsung’s fan or were interested in the S6. Another glitch in this story is that the report claimed that half of the people were taking the picture of Samsung Galaxy S6 or Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with their Apple iPhones. Besides attending the event, every fake fan was asked to take the picture of the event, post it on their preferred social media network and share it with their friends via messaging app. They were also asked to “Like” the Samsung’s page on Baidu network. Some of these paid fans also made more than $8 by answering a Samsung ad on WeChat. One of them told the news outlet that she went to the event after reading a post on a microblog, saying that Samsung offers secret gifts for attendees.

In my opinion, I think the story sounds fishy, can you tell me that Samsung couldn’t get 500 fans in China that they had to pay people to show up?   – if the report is really true, then that is low for a tech giant like Samsung.

Would keep you updated when Samsung responds to these claims.


5 comments on “Reports Claim That Samsung Paid 500 People To Pose As Fake Fans For Their S6 Press Conference In China

  1. Gori says:

    Abi oo. I do not think that that is true. How can smsung bit have up to 500 fans in CHINA, the world most populous nation.

    1. Sir Stevoe says:

      Lol same here bro @Gori

  2. Sir Stevoe says:

    I don’t buy that at all….

  3. Sir Stevoe says:

    #TeamSamsung still… #TeamAndroid 🙂

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