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The best Android video player app, that allows you watch videos while making calls.

With the freedom we get on the Google Play store, so many developers have created mind blowing apps that can help solve so many problems, one of these mind blowing apps is what I want to talk about today.


Ever wondered how you can watch videos and make calls at the same time, or watch videos while doing other tasks? then please read further. I am about to introduce you to an amazing app, the app I consider to be the Best Android video player app in the world, this app  would make you dump your old video player app, no Jokes.

Say Hi to the Main G – The GPlayer

I know some of you might be wondering  why  I am giving the title of the World’s Best Android video player app to GPlayer with the likes of VLC and MX Player, well GPlayer is different, it moves you from your traditional video watching technique to a higher level of video watching

How possible is it to Watch Videos while Making Calls?

The GPlayer  is a mind blowing video app, that allows you watch your videos while doing SOMETHING ELSE at the same time on your phone!

With this amazing player, anytime I am dialling those annoying numbers that won’t pick up on first ring (Especially MTN Call center numbers) I’d just pick my favorite movie and start watching.

Check out a demo below:

Watch Videos on your Phone while placing a Call to your Friends
Another demo of me playing temple run while watching a documentary

Best Android video player app

Another amazing feature is that it allows you watch up to  six video file at the same time,  don’t believe? see me watching 2 videos at the same time in the GIF below.


Still not convinced that GPlayer is the Best Android video player app? Read on.

With the GPlayer, you can also share video files with your friends using your  WIFI hotspot, when this feature is activated, your friends can watch the same movie you are watching right on their own smartphones. It didn’t just stop at that, the GPlayer allows you streams videos on Youtube! what this means is that you don’t need another Youtube app, with the GPlayer’s  software decoders almost all kinds of video formats can be played.

Watch Videos on your Phone while placing a Call to your Friends Do you hate ads popping up while using your favorite app?  Worry not, GPlayer is entirely ad free and allows uninterrupted video playback and accessibility. Other than playing video files, GPlayer also can play all your Android device’s stored audio files.

Trust me, this player is all you need to have all your  videos needs met!, It’s the Best Android video player app any day, anytime!

You can download it using this link for FREE… it is 18.94MB in size.. BUT I SWEAR DOWN, YOU WON’T REGRET DOWNLOADING THIS APP

N100 for anyone that regrets downloading it 😛



6 comments on “The best Android video player app, that allows you watch videos while making calls.

  1. tunde says:

    wow downloading it asap

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      Whoop whoop !

  2. Seun says:

    really Impressed

  3. Tyra says:

    Make it 10k…. And I will tell you how much I regret downloading it

    1. Tobi Ayeni says:

      LOOL you know that awoof money can purge your stomach

  4. Bodexowen says:

    Lol, can’t believe I missed this post

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