AIAIAI, the Danish makers of high-quality audio equipment, teamed up with Branko a Portuguese DJ, a Dutch design firm, and a popular Twerk queen Louise, on a project they call Real Booty Music.  Ladies & Gentlemen, may I present to you this wonderful device called the Booty Drum,  MUSIC MADE BY THE BOOTY – FOR THE BOOTY 😉

The most amazing thing about this device is, It allows you create beats by Twerking! Yes you heard right.. Twerking! ………….You know that movement you do with your butt, yeaaaah you get now 🙂

This device is attached to a girl or a guy’s  backside, it uses their movements to generate some pretty sick beats, each movement of the butt cheeks can be assigned its own drum trigger thereby creating beats that would instigate body movements..

After listening to the song, I concluded that the beats weren’t bad at all as a matter of fact, I found myself dancing to the beats.

Please watch the video and listen to the beats they created below, do tell me what you think

The beat result track is called ‘Cascavel’, which is Portuguese for rattlesnake.

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Task of the Day: Can you cc a Nigerian Musician that might need this in his/her life