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Types of Selfies + Funniest Selfie Proposal Ever

Who agrees with me that the Selfie Trend has come to stay.  The earliest usage of the word selfie has been traced to 2002 when it first appeared in an Australian internet forum (ABC Online) on 13 September. So, our Hot topic for today would be SELFIESSS.. So what is a Selfie??  

By: MissTechy

Who agrees with me that the Selfie Trend has come to stay, youths & adults alike  seem to be addicted to this trend and a lot can be attributed to  the usage of Smartphones.

So what is a Selfie??  A Selfie is a verb, it’s an action word that mean:

Selfie Meaning I don’t think there is anyone in Nigeria that hasn’t taken a selfie before ( Talking about those with Smartphones). So I bring to you some funny types of Selfies I know of .. Please note this isn’t serious .. just something for you to laugh at.

1.  The Duck Face Selfie ( This is when you push your lips together in a combination of a pout and a pucker, giving the impression you have larger cheekbones and bigger lips.)

How to take: Simply bring your lips forward and snap! For best results make sure your lips look like a duck’s own..ensure to try different angles till you get the perfect duck face

Duckface selfie

2. Car Selfie  AKA The Seatbelt Selfie (This Selfie is popular among the Gents and, of course the ladies, it is a selfie that is taken in the car …duh! )

How to take one: Make sure the view of the car is captured alongside your face.. be sure to use your seatbelts for better results.

Car Selfie

3.  The “I Have Enough Money to Fly on an Airplane” Selfie AKA Airplane Selfie ( A Selfie taken in a plane before its take off)

How to take one: Make sure the top view of the plane is captured along with your face. For best results try to capture the seats at your back.

4. The I woke up like this Selfie ( This is a bared face selfie ..i.e A selfie taken without  makeup.. Popular among the ladies )

How to take one: Try as much as possible to get your face in its natural form, For best result apply natural looking makeup 🙂

I woke up like this

Lol you can check out this funny Selfie video for more tips 😉

5.  Pretending to Be Asleep Selfie. (A selfie taken while on your bed.)

How to take one: Stay on your bed and try to act your sleeping face out..

I am sleeping selfie

6. The Bathroom Selfie / Mirror Selfie: ( A selfie taken in a bathroom that has a mirror)

How to take one: Look for a clean bathroom that has a mirror. Get in a very good position and snap away. Tip: Anytime you go to a posh restaurant  go to their toilets to take one.

Bathroom Selfie

7. The Show me your Side Selfie AKA Belfie: ( A Selfie aimed at showing the face as well as *coughs* the backside.. popular among the ladies)

How to take one: Make sure you have a standing mirror that captures your whole view.. For best results,  align yourself sideways so that your face and your butt is captured, or better still show us your butt 😉

And those are the popular types of Selfies as at February 19th, 2015, Do let me know if you have others… Now check out this funny selfie proposal that went viral yesterday:



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  1. Kelvin says:

    Lol! Where did you get all this pics from? I just can't stop laughing ;D

  2. Mako007 says:

    Same here, love d blog already

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  4. vjsmiles says:

    fvking hilarious

  5. Sir Stevoe says:

    The “I woke up like this selfie” is killin’ me o 😀 😀 😀
    choi! I’m still laughing sef

  6. Sir Stevoe says:

    I’m loving this pictures like so!

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