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At The Moment, Zimbabweans Are Not Allowed To Use WhatsApp And Facebook.

Imagine for one minute that Whatsapp gets banned in Nigeria? Unimaginable, right? As of this moment, The Zimbabwean President has reportedly banned Whatsapp and Facebook in a bid to suppress dissenting views.


This move comes as a result of the protests in some parts of the country that had people share police brutality posts/videos against protesters and journalist on social media. Although, the Minister for Information, Communication, Technology, and Courier Services Supa Mandiwanzira denied any government interference in the WhatsApp service, saying the government had no reason to ban or block the use of the service because of a few individuals who abused the platform, but according to user reports on Twitter, platforms like Whatsapp and Facebook could not be accessed with the country’ mobile telecommunication network as early as 7am today, those relying on wifi were also cut off according to the African News Agency.

Currently, Zimbabweans are being encouraged to download Tunnelbear, a very reliable VPN platform to get back online.


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