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KSI, The Popular Nigerian YouTube Star Now Has His Own Mobile Game

One of the few people who has made money from YouTube, Olajide Olatunji, popularly know as KSI, is about to make more money. However, He wouldn’t be doing it through YouTube videos, this time, he will be doing it with KSI Unleashed, a mobile game that Endemol Shine Group will officially release during the summer.


KSI Unleashed will see him battle it out with the ultimate secret society, the Illuminati to stop them from taking over the world.

KSI Unleashed Features:

– The official game voiced by Olajidebt himself!
– Beat off your enemies with hundreds of insane weapons, from Rubber Ducks to the fabled Princess Sparkle Purge Stick.
– Battle endless hordes of confirmed Illuminati minions and take on powerful end-game bosses.
– Fight your way through Story, Survival and Custom mode!
– Get hyper to enter Beast mode! Crush your enemies, save the world, get free chicken.

Plenty talk right? Hopefully, the game will be as interesting as his Youtube channel.

A beta version of the game is currently available through Google Play.


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