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Having Writer’s Block? This Website Will Clear It Off In An Evil Way

I am currently using an app to write this post and guess what? If I stop for 5 seconds, everything I’ve typed will clear off.  How do I know this? Because I have tried it before now. Whew! So I think I am done with the introduction, time to head back to the real world. ciao.

the most dangerous writing app

Trust me, the fear of watching all that you have been typing vanish will clear your writer’s block ASAP. Meet “the most dangerous writing app  (P.S:  that is the actual name of the website!) So how does it work? It will allow you choose how long you want to write for  — say, one hour — and then you must write non-stop until the clock runs out. If you pause for even five seconds, it’ll wipe everything you just typed. EVIL right?

writing app

Image source: Alphr.com

Do I think it is effective in clearing my writer’s block? YES! But if you have gotten your ideas using this website, you can switch over to something that won’t wipe off your work.

Totally evil, but effective – my opinions – what are yours?



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