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Samsung Makes The World’s First Tablet Piano Made From 112 Galaxy S2s

Samsung just tried to dazzle us one last time this year, because why not?

To celebrate the season and also showcase its Galaxy Tab S2, Samsung used the Tab S2 to construct a stunning touchscreen piano.


Samsung claims the piano is the “world’s first upright piano made entirely of Samsung tablets”— I don’t think anyone will want to contend that title.


Although it was only six tablets that were required to make up the actual 88-key keyboard—the other tablets were used as a display that flashed holiday animations as the tablet piano was played. The piano was powered with a USB  interface, equalizer, 200W power amplifier, and two 100W speakers.


Samsung’s Tablet Piano

Like I said, Samsung should gladly keep their awards because I do not think any phone manufacturer will want to replicate this. But what a beautiful idea this is!

In the holiday spirit, who likes the cap on MissTechy’s head?

Image Source: PSFK



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