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Life At Facebook: Female Employees Were Ordered Not To Wear Distracting Clothes – Former Employee

…But why would you want to wear distracting clothes to the office?


Anyway, a former Facebook employee, Antonio Garcia-Martinez, has written a book about his time at Facebook. The book is titled “Chaos Monkeys: Obscene Fortune and Random Failure in Silicon Valley.”In case you were wondering, he was fired from the company 2 years ago. In the book, he said that Mark Zuckerberg runs Facebook like a North Korea-style cult


Where female employees were told not to wear clothing that might be ‘distracting’ to male workers. Of course, this piqued my interest. So, I tried to mark the items of clothing Antonio described as distracting in the book, and they are

  • Short skirts and
  • Booty shorts. 

At this point, allow me to convey my emotion with a GIF


So people wear booty shorts to the office?

That is not all, Antonio claims that female workers were repeatedly criticized for inappropriate clothing, most often by a “male HR authority” who “did, in fact, pull aside female employees and read them the riot act. He further revealed that Mark Zuckerberg was prone to outburst of rage, with a habit of sending angry emails to all his staff saying “Please resign,” after plans were leaked, and responding badly to employees scribbling all over the firm’s walls, saying “I trusted you to create art, and what you f*****s did was vandalize the place.”

In his own words:

“We had slogans on the walls, we were all wearing a uniform,” he told CBS This Morning. “It all felt very North Korean or Cuban, almost. And so in that moment, I just realized…the motive force in history, which is one egomaniac’s twitchy drive and then the common man’s desire to be part of a compelling story — which is what we were, we just were bit players in Zuckerberg’s story.”

If you ask me, I think, this is a case of a disgruntled ex-employee trying to make quick bucks (P.S. His book is selling for $12.99) because whether we like it or not, rules are rules and every job has them. As a matter of fact, the more successful the company, the more the rules.

So, speaking as a feminist, I’d say that the fact that Martinez doesn’t like having rules that he probably knew and signed before entering the organisation shows the type of person he is and for those who don’t know what a booty short looks like:


You are welcome.


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