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Do You Have Any Windows-Only Software You Would Love To Install On Your Android Device? I Have Just One!

Earlier this week, it was reported that the latest version of Wine, a program that makes it possible to run Windows software on Apple hardware and Linux-powered computers would be available on Android, which means that you’d be able to run Windows 7 apps on your Android devices.

Trust some of the techies online to have reactions similar to this one:

Reason being that we have a lot of Android apps that can be used as substitutes for some popular Windows software, plus most apps in the Windows store are also on Google Play.

However, I still got excited about the prospect of installing one software on my Galaxy S8, the one I use for audio-editing—Audacity, a digital audio editor and recording computer software app that is only available on Windows and the MacOS.

Asides from that, no other Windows-only software comes to mind, but over to you, are there any Windows software you would love to install on your Android device?

P.S. You can download Wine 3.0 using this link (It is a little unstable).


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