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Here Is One Reason Why The Ads on WhatsApp Won’t Be So Bad.

The truth is, we are all data points waiting to be sacrificed on the altar of ads.

Now, reports have it that Facebook is set to recover the money it spent to buy WhatsApp three years ago, $22 billion to be precise, and the only way it can do that is through advertisements.

Facebook & Whatsapp:

We waited for 3 years!

Where this might be scary to the average users because no one likes ads, especially on WhatsApp, it is not as bad as you think.

They intend to create another application called Whatsapp for Business. ‘WhatsApp Business’ will be free for small businesses, with a paid version targeted at those with a global customer base. The new app would provide three solutions — First, the ability to create a business profile on WhatsApp. The second is providing a platform to manage inquiries from customers or potential customers. Third, is the ability to promote businesses by putting WhatsApp numbers on the store front. In other words, on WhatsApp Business, your business name will be verified and a green check mark badge appears next to it, with that you will be able to create a company profile with key information.

Although this would be free, WhatsApp plans to charge businesses in the future.

Here is why this isn’t exactly bad.

Facebook claims that businesses will only be able to message people who have provided their phone number and agreed to be contacted by the business over WhatsApp. It also means that YOU HAVE FULL CONTROL TO BLOCK A BUSINESS.

However, given how Facebook is, I expect this to evolve and be similar to how Messenger inserts ads into the stream.

So, businesses should rejoice because new business tools are set to launch. Users can rejoice, too, at least for now, because you still have the power.



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