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Own An iPhone? You Should Update Your WhatsApp, GIFs Await You!

WhatsApp has added a new feature that will let you send and receive GIFs on iOS devices


What’s more, you can search Giphy’s library to find the perfect GIF that can go with your conversation — more like Twitter’s way of posting GIFS


Why did they have to copy, though?

That’s not all!


Yup, there’s more!

Whatsapp will also allow you to add captions, stickers and drawings to your chosen animation and even convert 6-second videos or less to GIFs.


It’s like Whatsapp went apeshit with the GIF Feature.

Unfortunately, all these features are only available for iOS users, Whatsapp for Android only supports sending/receiving GIFs, but won’t allow you to tweak them, yet!

To download on your iOS device, CLICK HERE.


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