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What’s With All The Hype About Firefox’s New Browser, The Quantum?

I like the name!

Based on the reviews, especially Wired’s, a lot of techies love more than just the name. With many reviews saying that the Quantum is better, faster and smarter than Chrome. Others even went as far as to say that it “could take Chrome’s position as the king of browsers“. Plus, the technical specifications were impressive, on paper, the browser uses around 30 percent less memory than competitors Chrome and Safari on Windows operating systems, and only marginally more than Chrome on MacOS, which means you can run a third more tab without your browser coming to a standstill, something that happens to me a lot with Chrome.

So, I had to download it last week to see what all the fuss was about. (You can download it here on your PC or Android/iOS devices)

And as far as the interface is concerned, Firefox has a new UI, dubbed the Photon UI, which streamlines a number of elements included in previous releases. Given that I hardly use Firefox, I couldn’t immediately tell the differences, but I think I prefer my Chrome to this, although they are similar to an extent.

Quantum lets you pick which search engine to use whenever you start to type a query

For my little test, I tried to run the same websites, about 6 in total, on both browsers and at the same time.

And the Firefox did well in the energy usage:

Network usage:


However, Firefox (in itself) did consume more memory than Chrome:

Now, I carried out another test, this time, I opened about 12 websites on each browser, but I did them individually and after about 5 minutes each, I got this result for Firefox:




And this for Chrome:





Although the Google Chrome app in itself consumed less memory than Firefox, the connected apps like Google Chrome Helper which helps with the running of the browser are a lot more than Firefox.

Tests aside, the Firefox browser comes with so many add-ons, personalization and privacy settings (You should read this review),Β  and, given that I can sync my information from Chrome to Firefox makes the switch to Firefox all the more tempting, but while this is great (the overall experience was snappy), I’d stick with Chrome, for now, because I am loyal like that.

Don’t give me this look:



However, even though I am sticking with Chrome, I’d rather have both so that when one misbehaves, I can switch to the other, you never can tell with these apps, you know.



So, over to you, is the Quantum tempting enough to make you switch?



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