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What If I Were to Give You This Device?

Once upon a time in gadget land, there was a device called the P8M, not the fairest of them all in the land, far from it, but it was one of the few ones that had an affordable price tag:

Video review:


The device takes about 35seconds to boot, which places it in the 7th position in the boot test leaderboard:

And since it has no fingerprint sensor:

Users have no option but to use either the PIN or Pattern method:

Just like the older sibling, the A1 Lite, the P8M display doesn’t come in vibrant colors or the ability to watch videos that are above 720p:

But it does well under direct sunlight provided that the brightness slider is at the maximum.

Now, users who played games on the P8M would immediately notice that it is not a workhorse, and that’s because the 1GB ram on the Gionee P8M cannot handle more than two heavy games at the same time, so you need to play your games individually, but for basic users and by that I mean someone who uses the device for social media and running light apps, this is manageable.

As for the storage, the P8M only has less than 4GB left, which means the MicroSD card is necessary, and, in case you are wondering, the P8M has a microSD card slot. But where the P8M has an edge is with the battery, this device could last up to a day and a half of moderate use without the need to charge.

And when the screen on time competition was held in the land, the P8M lasted up to 13hrs.

However, it does take about 3hours to charge the device.

Now, the 2MP front facing camera might not the P8M might not be able to get you the selfie king or queen title:

But I love how natural my skin tone looked:

However, I noticed that the results can look overexposed. You can also check out the results from the back camera

Overall, no bells or whistles.

Moving forward, the audio which has been placed at the back is quite loud, but the audiophiles might notice some distortion, but this isn’t something to be concerned about.

As for the benchmark, well, here you go:

Here is a look at how it fares with others:

Also, check out the sensors.

And yes, the P8M doesn’t come with the Gyroscope sensor which means you won’t enjoy VR content on this device.

So, there you have it guys.

Now the question is if I were to give you this device, would you want one with the promise that you’d use it as your primary device?


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