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Twitter And Their Need To Stay On Top: Biggest Change In Works?

Twitter is gradually changing. At first, they removed the 140 characters from DMs which in my opinion takes some getting used to. For example, When I was sending a DM to a friend, I kept on sending them in bits because I still felt restricted. Then, the availability of ads to other countries like Nigeria. All these changes in an effort to ensure Twitter gets an increase in its user base and profit margins.

Twitter 140 characters

Twitter 140 characters

However, it appears that Twitter might make the biggest change ever. This change might garner a lot of uproar or reception. According to Recode, Twitter is working on a new feature that will allow users to publish longer text, The article claims that the interim CEO, Jack Dorsey is very open to the idea.


However, I am not  sure what system might be implemented. For example, will they totally remove the 140 character limit from tweets or will they find a way of  implementing the changes without affecting their trademark?


Whichever way, I am here sipping tea and watching in 3d



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