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Tweethearts, Don’t Fret, You Can Still Get Your Star Back, See How.

I bring to you good tidings, my brethren, one that can bring back our star.

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Thanks to those who don’t understand the benefits of a star, we now have a world full of hearts. If you are like the millions of people not happy about this, here is how you can get your star back, but I must warn you, it comes with a price – You must use the chrome browser to tweet. If you are willing to pay the price, Meet Twitter star and Twitter favorite, two Chrome extensions that can bring back the stars in our sky.



You can bring back Twitter star with this extension, just click on this link to install on your Chrome browser and voila, your beautiful star is staring at your face.

twitter star


Twitter Favorite

If that is not good enough, here is another simpler solution that converts your hearts to stars right in your eye. Just click here to install the extension and watch that heart transform.

twitter star 2

Never you say MissTechy didn’t try.


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