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Truecaller’s Year in Calling: One Nigerian Telco Made 38 million SPAM Calls in 2017.

We only have about 19 days before we end 2017, and as expected a lot of tech companies have shared insights about the way people use their products or services. The latest to do so is Truecaller.

Their year in calling stats revealed the rise of spam calls throughout the year in different parts of the world and according to them, over 40 million unique spam numbers were identified by Truecaller users this year.

It was also revealed that Somalia made the most calls per person in 2017, with the average user making roughly 19 calls and receiving 14 calls per day.

Another interesting stat is this one: Tanzania sent the most SMS in 2017. In numbers, the average user from Tanzania sends approximately 10 SMS messages and receives about 16 per day!

Bringing it back home, one number connected with a Telco in Nigeria made 38 million calls in a year!

Not regular calls, guys, Spam calls and this is even higher than the 31 million calls reported in India.

Although Truecaller didn’t reveal the name, something tells me that the Telco behind the calls is none other than GLO because I can’t count the number of times I have received SPAM calls from that network!



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