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Have You Tried Google’s New Ad Blocking Feature?

The day has finally arrived, guys!

The day where Google, the bearer of ads wants to help you fight ads. Of course, this move doesn’t quite communicate that they’re against ads, but rather, they are being forced to do it, maybe as an attempt to weaken the dominance of other popular adblockers like AdBlock Plus (ABP) which has frustrated the life of advertising companies.

Whatever the case may be, it’s now live!

However, Google’s ad blocker will only block intrusive ads as defined by the Coalition for Better Ads, and by that, I mean ads that fall into any of these categories depicted in the image below:

In other words, Pop-ups, animated or auto-playing ads, scroll-overs, and large banner ads.

So how does it work?

Simple! Update your Chrome app, and moving forward, the browser will tell you when it blocks ads on the site, it will also give you the choice to allow them to load whenever you visit.

Good enough for you?


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