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My top 3 Android Launchers in the App World

Launchers have come a long way in helping our smartphones look more elegant and classy,  Imagine a world without launchers?? we’d have our boring home screen that sometimes would make you feel dizzy.

I want to assume you all know about launchers so I won’t bore you with details.  I am currently using a magnificent launcher and the experience has been wonderful.

For that reason, I have decided to share with you  in my Opinion the top 3 Android Launchers in the App Kingdom.


1. SMART LAUNCHER: ( The Dare Art Alade of Launcher Kingdom –
The not so Popular yet Powerful launcher)

Smart Launcher is one of the lightest launcher in the app kingdom, ( I honestly think IT IS THE ONLY LIGHTEST LAUNCHER  EVER)..  this launcher uses minimalistic yet beautiful designs to give you the ultimate user friendly experience.  It also groups your apps  in different category, so you’d know where to go when you are looking for a particular game, utility app etc.. did I mention that you can also search for the first letter of any app?

Unlike its competitors, The Smart launcher  helps conserve your battery juice and to crown it up, it allows you double tap to lock and  unlock your phone, how cool is that?? on to some LG G2 things ;). Anyways, this app here has got mouth.. Plenty mouth for that matter.

Check the app on Playstore: Click here

2. NOVA LAUNCHER:  ( The Wizkid of Launcher Kingdom –
err The popular launcher  that everybody seems to be using )

This is a very popular launcher that seems to be on everybody’s phone, like every tom dick and harry has this. I am not a huge fan tho. With various themes, scroll effects, widget overlapping and other impressive effect, Nova Launcher has really made a name for itself. (Though, in my opinion, I think thes eeffects might hamper your battery health… *Just Saying*). Another Good side is that you can never lag behind with this launcher as it is frequently updated with tons of amazing features.  It has your stereotype app grid .. where all your apps are displayed for you to scroll through (sideways), you can also  search for a specific app, if you know its name. Lastly, it allows you switch between saved themes, making it really simple to make your phone festive for one day and all business like the next day.

Check on Playstore.. Click here

3.  THEMER LAUNCHER: (The Olamide of Launcher Kingdom –
Known as the “Awon
 Goons mi” App )

LOL, this Launcher is LOUD!!! .. Immediately you install it, It shows you plenty paparazzi. By paparazzi, I mean it installs a widget on your notification bar without even asking you, It changes your wallpaper immediately.. no time wasting.. AND OF COURSE.. IT CHANGES ALL YOUR HOME SCREEN ICONS.. lool. you see why I named it after Olamide.

Anyways the Themer Launcher is not bad at all considering it only has 1 million downloads in the App store. I even prefer it to the popular Nova launcher, this is because with the Themer launcher, you get to put your most used apps in a category.. I am a lazy *perzon* and I really don’t like scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and scrolling down to find one app. This Launcher  really solves that problems by allowing you group your apps into categories. I haven’t really tested the battery life.. But I believe it wouldn’t be so bad.

To check the Awon Goons mi app. Click here

Enough with my plenty talk.

Can you guess the launcher I am currently using out of these 3? 

Do let me know about your launchers too 🙂


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