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Between Tim Cook and His ‘Interesting Jokes.’

Tim Cook couldn’t help himself at the MIT commencement address, beyond speaking about Apple’s history and his own experience with co-founder Steve Jobs, he also took the opportunity to poke fun at Microsoft.

Image Source: Time

He began his 2017 MIT Commencement address by saying that it takes time to find your way in life. He also shared inspirational quotes like this one:

“Measure your impact on humanity not in likes but in the lives you touch, not in popularity but the people you serve.”

and this one:

“I found my life got bigger when I stopped caring about what people thought of me.”

Cook talked about the time where he was confused and while he reflected upon those days, he dropped this:

“I tried meditation. I sought guidance and religion. I read great philosophers and authors. In a moment of youthful indiscretion, I might even have experimented with a Windows PC. And obviously, that didn’t work.”

Now, before you crucify Tim Cook as a Windows user, realise that it’s just bants and nothing else.

You can watch the full commencement address below (He starts at 7:15):



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