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This Might Happen To Your Nexus 6P If You Consider Buying It

For those who were not perturbed with the way the Nexus 6P broke into two, this might make you have a second thought. Some Nexus 6P users have reported on Reddit and Twitter that the rear glass panel covering the camera, flash, and laser autofocus module of the device spontaneously cracks during normal usage.


Nexus 6P cracks: Source – Reddit

The users have reported that the panel would just break on its own, without any impact. Scary, right?


Nexus 6P cracking

One of the reasons this might be happening is that the Nexus 6P’s body is primarily made out of aluminum, which is prone to expanding and contracting during changes in temperature, humidity and air pressure.


If you are planning on getting one, Here is a little advice from one of the victims:

Avoid resting that back plate flush on any surfaces. Find a way of raising it up slightly, whether with case, or a bit of blu-Tac .



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