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This Alarm Clock App Allows You Take Selfies To Stop It From Ringing

I love when people can rejuvenate an old solution in a creative way – That is exactly what Fabozzi, an engineering undergraduate of Polytechnic University of Milan in Italy did – rejuvenated an old idea by giving it a humorous spin

Have you ever wondered how you look when you wake up? Let Snap Me Up help you find out in a fun way!

Screen Shot 2015-05-09 at 4.14.57 PM

Snap Me Up is an alarm clock app that allows you take selfies to stop it from ringing and NO, you can’t cheat since the app ensures it sees a moving face before deactivating. When you set your alarm with Snap Me Up, you’ll be greeted with a ringing tone of your choice –  immediately, your camera would be switched to selfie mode.

To silence the alarm, you have to pick up your phone, open your eyes, and take a selfie – say cheese ;). Your pictures will be saved into an album called: “My sleepy snaps”, where you can watch or share them.

The free app is only available for Android phones for now. However,  Fabozzi says he eventually wants to develop an iOS version. You can download Snap Me Up in the Google Play app store.

So what do you – a very creative innovation shey?


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