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Allow Me to Reintroduce Tecno’s ‘Bigger & Longer’ Device — The L9 Plus.

A lot of people, especially the perverted ones had a field day with Tecno Mobile’s theme for the L9 Plus — bigger and longer.

Before I delve into the unboxing, can Kay and William send their numbers to tobi dot ayeni at misstechy.com?

Yes, the teaser image (Which was quite easy to get, side eye at those that said the CX) is the Tecno L9 Plus, the second device in the Tecno L series.


Immediately you remove the wraps and open the lid, you get to see the 6-inch device.

Under that, you get another package which contains the flip case and pin ejector, I will be coming back to this later.

Finally, you get other accessories.

Which include an earphone:

The flip case mentioned above.

USB OTG cable.

A warranty card:

Power adapter, and a Micro USB cable.

Anyone notice something missing with the accessories?

Yes, no manuals!

I wonder who still reads them in 2017.



The first time I saw the full-metal unibody device, I kinda understand why it’s being touted as a bigger and longer device.


Like other devices in its size category, the dude is so big, it can barely fit in my hand.

However, I also noticed how light it felt in the hand— it weighed about 185g which is quite light if you ask me.

Especially when you compare it with the Zero 4 plus

If you add the flip case, you get about 223g.

It is also very slim with all the right curves in the right places.


You get the usual placements, which include:

1. A 3.5mm earphone jack on top


2. Lined up on the L9 Plus’s posterior are the mono speaker grill, Micro-USB port along with the mic.

3. At the back, you are greeted with a 13MP back camera, LED flash and the fingerprint sensor.

Yes, there is a slight camera bump, but it is barely noticeable.

4. On the left side, you have the Dual Micro-SIM card slot along with a dedicated button that activates either the ultra power saving mode, camera, on/off torch or music.

5. The right side of the device houses the power and volume buttons. You also get a dedicated MicroSD card slot.

7. There is the presence of the physical buttons.

6. Finally, you have the front flash, proximity sensor, and a 5MP front camera placed on the top part of the device.

Other specs can be seen below.



Before you get in this mood:

Recall that the L9 Plus’s major selling point is the battery, so, maybe, just maybe, they had to sacrifice a lot in the specs department to give you a great battery at that price tag.

One thing I noticed while observing the L9 Plus is that it comes with a screen guard.

There is also the power inscription along with the Tecno name at the back of the device just in case you forgot how great the L9 plus is in terms of its battery.

Setting it up is a breeze and I couldn’t help but notice that Tecno Mobile removed the “Don’t lick the battery” tip found on their latest devices.

My prayers weren’t in vain.

Finally, am I the only one who thinks that the new HiOS icons look too big?

Oh, did I mention the price tag?


Thanks to the recession, you would need N65,000 to get the Tecno L9 Plus.

Anyone looking to use my ATM card to pay is free to do so for FREE.

There you have it people in tech, I will be putting the L9 Plus through a series of tests, so stay glued for the full review.

As for my first impression, I love the fact that the L9 Plus is a light-weight. Like some of you must have figured out, I like my devices cute and petite, but if I have to use a big device, then I don’t expect it to weigh a ton, so high five Tecno.

Tecno Mobile be like: 

Over to you, what do you think?

Meanwhile, I am trying to spice up my reviews, so any suggestions will be welcome.


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