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The Tecno L9 Plus Review: 13 Things to Note About the Tecno L9 Plus.

Whew! This review took longer than expected because of my recuperation process, but:

Judging from the comments on my Giveaway post, the L9 plus which is best known for its behemoth battery has captured the interest of many, which is why I thought to share the top 13 things I noticed.


1. It doesn’t take its swell time to boot.

Unlike the Camon CX, the Tecno L9 Plus takes about 40 seconds to power on and 4.7 seconds to power off, this places it in the 7th position on the chart.

2. The Display is not one of its greatest features.

The L9 Plus comes with a 6-inch screen, instead of pairing that with a 1080p resolution, Tecno used a 720p resolution, which means that you get a display that is just average.

Sunlight visibility is okay provided the brightness slider is at maximum.

3. Android Nougat? Yes! But no HiOS.

With the Tecno L9 Plus, you would be getting a slightly modified Android 7.0, what this means is that you are getting the stock android interface along with a couple of Tecno apps like Hi Manager, to name a few.

This is cool because it also affects other settings like the camera. More on this later.

4. There is a constant “Quick settings” icon that could be useful or annoying to some.

Just like what you have on a Xiaomi device, the L9 Plus comes with what we call a “Quick ball” icon that lives on your phone.

This gives you quick and easy access to shortcuts and apps. For example, you can quickly take screenshots, get quick access to the apps you use, plus it also acts as your navigation buttons.

But like I said, this can be annoying. Luckily it can be turned off by going to T-point and deactivating it.

5. The Charge time is reasonable

At least it charges faster than the Camon CX which is something given that the L9 Plus comes with a larger battery capacity. I was able to charge the L9 Plus from 1% to 88% in 1hr 52 minutes.

Getting it to 100% took about 2hrs plus.

6. Battery life is AMAZING!!!!!

This is the reason why the L9 Plus was made — to give you a long lasting battery life and it sure didn’t disappoint.

The L9 Plus can be used throughout the day without the need to charge, although this depends on how you use the device, for example, browsing using WiFi, playing games for a few minutes and just general phone activities could get you using the phone for 2 days straight.

I also tried to do a video loop and the results were impressive! I was able to get 17hrs 2minutes of on-screen time with airplane mode activated.

7. I couldn’t enable the option to view my battery percentage.

I noticed that the battery percentage wasn’t visible on the L9 Plus, this is actually normal with stock android OS, however, efforts to activate “System tuner” an option that would allow you to view your battery percentage proved futile.

So the only option (at least for now) is to pull down the notification panel to view your battery level. I’d update this article once I get a fix.

8. There is no quick access to Ultra power saving mode

This could be as a result of the stock android interface, but there is no way to activate the ultra-power saving mode in the notification panel.

Instead of having it in the notification panel, you would have to go to your app drawer, locate the “Power-saving management” app and then activate the ultra-power saving mode there.

Yeah, I know how annoying the whole process can be, especially when your battery is really low.

9. The L9 Plus ringtone/audio could come across as “very loud.”

You won’t have any problems hearing your phone ring or with the audio in general, the reason being that the audio is VERY loud.

10. Multitasking is okay with light apps.


No lag noticed when running light apps, but don’t go overboard with heavy apps.

11. It does get warm under extensive use, but not too hot.

Like the Camon CX, I noticed that it became really warm after using it extensively, but that is about that.

12. The camera is actually okay.

I was expecting an average camera output, however, the front and back cameras produced slightly above average results. You can check them out below.

Front camera:

Back Camera: Indoors

Back Camera: Outdoors (7 am)

Back Camera: Outdoors (10pm)

Like I stated initially, the camera comes with additional settings that can help you tweak the exposure and white balance.

13. Benchmark results are meh!

Thanks to the low power chip used the L9 plus had a “just there” results when it came to benchmark. See the results below:

To be honest, the major unique selling point of the Tecno L9 Plus is its battery. So, if you are looking into that, then the L9 Plus is your best bet.


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