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The Tecno Camon CX Unboxing: Tecno Mobile, What Have You Done? + 360-degree View Included.

I got my review unit of the Tecno Camon CX, the first real deal from Tecno Mobile this year and I went through different shades of emotions while unboxing the device.

Yes, the spec rumors were spot on! So, you might want to re-check my earlier post. In the meantime, Hola Como Estas Camon CX, you are welcome to the land of the living.


Opening the lid reveals the Camon CX in all its black front glory!

(Thank God they didn’t make it WHITE, like some OEMs we know).

The next compartment of the package houses the ejector PIN

This gorgeous looking Smart case. (More on this, later).

One phone manual and 2 warranty cards —the first warranty card is the basic one you are used to seeing from Tecno.
While the second warranty card offers you a free one-cracked-screen replacement within three months of purchase, a-15 day phone swap for functional defects noticed, and a 24-hour fast repair.

Moving forward, the last compartment reveals the Power adapter.

There is the Micro USB cable

And Earphones

That is all the Camon CX offers in terms of accessories.


When I pulled off the wrap from the Camon CX

I was like:


… Because save for the dual front flash, there wasn’t anything new on the front side of things — we have already seen the centered camera on the Camon C9.

BUT I turned it to the back and Wowza!

I saw a design different from what we are used to seeing from Tecno Mobile, especially in this series.

To show you just how different, here is a side by side comparison with the Camon C9.

Although a lot of people might see a similarity between the Camon CX’s back view and the back view of a device which shall not be named, but you can’t deny that the back view looks GORGEOUS. Which is the reason why I had to make a 360-degree view — don’t forget that you can use your fingers to control the rotation.


Another thing that got me feeling this way:

Is the Smart cover — this time, Tecno Mobile took it a step further by completely changing the design pattern on its smart cover.

Yes, it calls for another 360-degree view.

By the way, the Camon CX comes with a screen case, however, I noticed this:

Notice the circles? This can be fixed by simply pressing that part until you get it all out.


On the right side, you get your MicroSD card slot as well as the volume and power buttons.

On the left side, you only have the dual micro SIM card slot.

You have the earphone jack on top.

And beneath the device, you have the Micro-USB port along with the mic and speaker grills.

In front, you get to see the 16MP camera with dual flash as well as the proximity sensor.

You don’t get the luxury of physical buttons, which means that the Camon CX comes with soft buttons that take more screen space.

On the back, you have the fingerprint sensor and the 16MP rear camera with QUAD Flash, or should I say ring lights.

Because they sure look like ring lights to me.

You have the antenna band (*coughs*), then the Tecno and Camon inscriptions.

Finally, you already know that it comes with a non-removable battery, yeah?


I feel that the Camon CX sports a major design upgrade!

This is so clear when you place it together with the Camon C9.

Although when it comes to the specs, the difference isn’t so much.

By the way, this is the first device from Tecno Mobile to support all Network bands!


The Camon CX is a 5.5-inch FHD device that is encased in a metal unibody.

It has a good grip to it, too.

It is slimmer than the C9.

Plus, it weighs slightly below the Camon C9.

So does the smart case when attached.


As usual, I didn’t encounter any issues while setting up.

What I did experience afterward is this wallpaper and a whole new interface that gives off the look similar to the one which shall not be named. 

More on this in my full review.


Even though it hasn’t been announced yet, there are speculations that the Camon CX would be within the price range of N70,000 – N75,000. Once again, I offer my ATM card to anyone who needs it. PIN is 2349.


Honestly, I am enamored with the aesthetics of this phone, especially the back view.

For the first time, I am truly impressed with the design output from Tecno Mobile.

This is not a full review, and even if I sound excited about the product design, I can’t wait to see if I would be this hyped when it comes to real-life performance.

Until then, I’d like to know your thoughts.



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