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#TalkTuesday: LinkedIn & “Setting P”

By setting P, I mean talking to someone online with the purpose of taking things further romantically which might not necessarily translate to sex.

Now that we are clear on my definition of setting P, let’s get straight to the tech talk of the day.


With over 380 million members in  200 countries, Linkedin is the most popular professional network on the Internet devoted to social networking for professional advancement. However, my attention was drawn to the latest happenings on LinkedIn with regards to women getting hit by men and vice versa.

To further back up my findings, A Charlotte Proudman made headlines early last month after she tweeted an unwelcoming message she received on LinkedIn.

According to her,

I would rather be complimented on my achievements than my face. One I worked hard for, the other I was born with.

This raised so many issues online, many believed there is nothing wrong with a man complimenting anyone on any social network platforms, LinkedIn included. While others felt you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure especially on LinkedIn.

So what if you meet this lady or guy on LinkedIn  that you really like and you can’t get her Twitter or Facebook page, Will it be a bad thing to send a message, a setting p message to her on LinkedIn?

What is your take on this?


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