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How I Take Stop Motion Photography Using my Galaxy S8.

I am sure a couple of you must have seen packages unbox themselves in my YouTube videos, I used a technique called “Stop motion photography.” Stop motion is an animation technique in which objects are photographed while they are moved to seem as if they have come to life. The filming technique has been used in a number of music videos and movies.

For this example, I used my Galaxy S8 and an app I downloaded from the Galaxy Apps Store, the name? Stop Motion (You can download and install the app from the Galaxy Apps Store).


Once that process is completed, ensure you place the Galaxy S8 on a tripod, a stable one like this:

You must also avoid any sort of camera movement.  Then place the object where you need it to be. (In my case, I want the pins to move back to the box). Launch the application and you should see the bland home page of the app, just tap on the camera icon and take your first picture.


Once you’ve captured one frame, change the position of the object, in this case, the pins, and capture another frame until you are done with the animation. Once captured, select the three icons and either click on preview video or create video, you can also change the speed of the animation from this panel.

That’s all! Stop motion achieved using my Smarpthone.



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