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What Is Your Take on Facebook Watch, YouTube’s ‘Supposed’ Competitor?

Yesterday news broke that there was a YouTube competitor! Wait for a minute while I laugh this out:


Okay, back to the business of the day.

Facebook launched a new video hub called Watch and like CNET said it is like a mashup of YouTube and Netflix with exclusive content, sometimes in a serial format, combined with a social twist.

As with YouTube, there will be some shows produced professionally by corporate partners—including one live MLB game per week—but the company says the focus will be on videos uploaded by Facebook users. Now, here is why I think that Facebook Watch is more of a Twitter competitor than a YouTube competitor and why it won’t pose a serious threat to YouTube anytime soon:

  • What is the first platform you think of when you want to watch a skit? Obviously: Instagram.
  • However, what is the first platform that comes to mind when you want to watch a music video?
  • Or a tech review?
  • Or a Vlog?

Can you see where am I going to with this?

It will be very difficult for Facebook Watch to change the existing behavioral pattern. Difficult, but not impossible.  So it should be fun to watch Facebook try to replicate what it did with Snapchat on YouTube.

Meanwhile, did you hear that Facebook has shut down life-stage — the Snapchat clone for teens?

So, what is your take?


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