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Would You Still Want a Blackberry Device After Reading This?

For a select group of people, one of the reasons why they buy a premium Android device is so that they can get access to timely updates.


That might not be the case with Blackberry, though, or at least with the Blackberry Priv —the company’s flagship which was launched 2 years ago. According to the GM of Blackberry Mobility, the device will not be receiving the update to Android Nougat because the amount of work required to get all of the partners together to bring Nougat to the PRIV was “next to impossible.”

In other words, Blackberry Priv owners are stuck on Android Marshmallow.

However, with the number of custom ROMs available, it shouldn’t be difficult to find a Custom ROM based on Android Nougat. 

Let’s imagine that you are looking to buy a new Blackberry device, could this news affect your buying decision?




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