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Sponsored: My Two Weeks Love Affair with The Camon CX.

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I strolled into one of the retail outlets to pick up a Camon C9, but then, I was met with the Camon CX. I fell in love instantly! It was very light, sleek and thin; just the way I like my phones! While I was still skeptical about whether or not to trade my Camon C9 for it, I went straight to Google. Trust Google to give me a shedload of all the information I need. Reviews had it that all the specifications I loved on the C9 were even better on the Camon CX, so I went straight for it.

The Camera is Bae!

The TECNO Camon CX is the first phone that has allowed me to leave the DSLR at home when I’m traveling. It has the same lens magic as my Canon, and even better because its portability, f/2.0 aperture size, 5P optical lens, and its quick connection to the internet are enough reasons I can travel without my Canon, unless of course, I am doing a bulky professional photo-shoot.


The device is especially good in low light conditions and the camera being placed in the middle stabilizes the image as well as creates room for straight shots without bend.

Selfie Game on Fleek!

Camon CX has all it takes to make you slay in a picture, so if you are not slaying, it’s totally on you. Be it at night or in the sunniest days, the 5P optical lens and the f/2.2 aperture of the front camera has been designed to control light in the tightest ways.



The Fingerprint/Shutter Button!  

This is definitely another feature I love on the Camon CX.

The button is not just there for quick shots, it serves as a security function. By registering your finger, you can keep your phones as safe as the word implies. Another amazing thing about the fingerprint is that I had the opportunity of registering more than one fingerprints; meaning you do not have to be the only one to have access to your device, bae stands a chance here. Why wouldn’t anyone love the TECNO Camon CX?





Here is another feature on the Camon CX that trips me majorly. The Panorama is 360° without fail. Just launch the camera, and choose Panorama in the viewfinder and voila!


This one just makes me want to unlock my phone every time. Having to make unique gestures to launch an application gets me wowed. I do that every single time I need to show off. The Micro Intelligence has SEVEN intelligent features, I’ll dwell on the Quick start function, learn about the rest when you purchase yours.

Quick start

The Camon CX has an amazing quick launch feature, which makes navigation and use easier. All a user need do is use his finger to form an alphabetic shape i.e W for WhatsApp; M for Boom player or C for camera. This can only be effective if the command has been configured in the micro intelligence section of the settings. Maybe you can choose E for “Epp” hehehe.

I only double tap to wake, flip my phone to silence incoming calls, swipe up and down to play and pause a music, and W to launch my WhatsApp.


Camon CX is unarguably one of the best phones produced this season. It is very affordable and passes as one of the most secured devices in the smartphone market. The camera quality is compared to NO OTHER phone, and it’s user friendly. Please share your own experiences in the comment box below.





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